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ordering from Michael Percy Audio
He has been excellent for me. Order & pay and he ships fairly quickly. 
$5000 universal player ... am I a fool ?
I use a Spectral/MIT system and the Lexicon is a "remarkably" good player allround. An incredible bargain.Really shines with good AC conditioning. The DVD video is excellent as well. 
How to reduce power supply noise.
Thanks TVAD. Nice someone is on topic. 
What is the best two channel SACD player for $1500
You mentioned the XA9000es. Nice unit. I owned one. The Lexicon RT-20 "blows" it away. Much more musical, and, detailed,+++. 
How can a subwoofer expand the soundstage?
Well said Horacio. Being passive of course REL must advise running the main speakers full range. I'd withdraw my previous post if I could, it's not relevant here. 
How can a subwoofer expand the soundstage?
Stanwall, I am vey surprised to hear the subwoofer manufacturer recommends running the main speaker.My understanding is there are tremendous benefits to be had by crossing over somewhere around or under 100Hz to a powered sub, even on quite good f... 
MIT Z Stabilizer ll ? operation ??
Has anyone tried this unit with the Hydra? 
Speaker cable improvements
Has anyone used the bybee units that go between the speaker cable and the speakers? Comments? 
Upgrading the Lexicon RT-20??
Thinking about the upgrade company for mods, any comments? 
Marantz DV9600 vs.Lexico RD-20.
Is there someone who can look at the 2 pictures referenced above and say what "differences" in components they see? 
What power cord should I get for my front end?
You need isolation for your digital front end. MIT power cables provide this. 
Revel Salon 1 or-Revel Studio 2??
YYZ, why consider backward moves you mention veresus just acquiring another Salon 1?? 
Surge protection, no filtering, no regen please...
I second Buffs comments; particularly regarding fully isolated power for digital & analog. Having the amp on a separate circuit mandatory imho. I feel 20 watt circuits are very worthwhile,especially for the amp. I would add that an older MIT Z... 
Speaker cable improvements
These anti cable promotors are... shall we say tacky..or tasteless... or ...any ideas??? 
ruined a phillips screw, any inspired solution?
Great info Usblues,from another old motorcycle wrench.Nice to hear hard earned experienced speaking.