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Trade offs?
Plato, I much appreciate your comments about AC power conditioning. Certainly there is "nobody" out there getting great CD sound without exceptional conditioning and isolation of the digital. 
Trade offs?
I certainly would not consider moving to turntable use only. How would I access the 99% of new classical & jazz recordings that are not on vinyl? 
Trade offs?
Thanks for the comments, and I do understand where Tvad is coming from; however I should clarify, it is through the use of "exceptional" AC power conditioning and isolation, as well as the clarity gained using the CD enhancing fluid mentioned, tha... 
Revel Salon 2 vs. Revel Studio 2
If you do consider the Studio/subs options please advise us of your projected costs analysis, all factors in. It will be interesting. 
Revel Salon 2 vs. Revel Studio 2
Ejlif, Shadorne has a good point mentioning the use of separate sub bass with the Studio; however, in my opinion, because "most" bass problems can be addressed with room treatment I recommend going with the Salons. You will receive the benefit of ... 
Anyone still using CD mats?
Thanks for info so far & appreciate info from dealer Rloggie as well. Hoping to hear more(and hoping to spend less as well)from others listeners find comparable. 
When did the Hi-Fi sound mature?
The advances in digital since 2004 makes everything before virtually obsolete in my opinion, so I'd say around 2003/04for decent CD playback(getting near as satisfying as good analogue). 
Where to buy power transistor in small qty?
Michael Percy Audio supplies a large array of DIY products and is very knowledgable. Email him, he is too busy for phone calls, anf say hi from Pete from BC,Canada. 
Dedicated Lines - Sub panel or no?
I think the comment by Liquid Hi Fi is very valid and should be a major factor in your decision. You provide a foundation for future upgrades in vital power supply area. 
How important is EMI and RFI rejection?
I don't want my to amplify any signals other than the pure music. I wonder if the expensive MIT speaker cables allow RFI & EMI to contaminate the signal from the amplifier to the speakers? 
Most intriguing DAC?
Berkeley Audio perhaps? 
Anyone using the SID 14 for drawer load cdp's??
Perhaps I should not have referred to the abbreviation. SID stands for "Sound Improvement Disc", a green mat used to reduce light reflections when playing CDs,DVDs,etc. There are 2 types : #14 or #15,depending on the mechanism of the intended play... 
who needs a cd player anymore
Tvad, drink Diluted but pure cranberry juice(mixed with apple juice to sweeten it) now to enjoy more of those pses in twenty years(I'll be 80 then). I'm also doing Bikram yoga and it sure flushes the system every day. In fact I think I could live ... 
How to reduce power supply noise.
Thanks for info Tvad. I am not considering spending $2000-$3000 on upgrades to my Lexington RT-20; which presently sells for about $1000 brand new. (I have invested that in MIT power conditioning/isolation products and power cords and find every c... 
Dedicated Lines - Sub panel or no?
FWIW, I went the sub panel route. That allowed for a very large gauge wire for the long run. Then I used robotic control cable(exceptionally high quality shielded wire from Germany used for the most sensitive robotic applications) for the shorter ...