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Fess Up How much have you spent on this Hobby??
A better question would be to ask ...... How much have I saved over the years buying used, demo'ing something and deciding it's not for me, listening to the wife when she says "no more - not now"? 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
If opinions were limited to only what one has heard this whole forum would be about 1/4 the size it is today.Then again, it is usually impossible to comment on a single component when heard in the context of an entirely unknown system, with speake... 
Retired audiophile?
I'm there too. I really have little to no interest in adding, changing, tweaking anything. At least not to the point where I actively chase it anymore. If there is something to try, I will try it, as long as I don't have to spend substantial $ on ... 
Greenville, SC
Mike,My wife and I are currently looking at semi-retirement in NC and are visiting the Lake Norman area this spring to check things out. If we make the committment and move then I would be greatly interested in getting a local group together.BTW -... 
Tube Preamp vs Solid State
The VAC Sig preamp is one I have lusted over. Doubt you would go wrong with that. 
android phone
Not all USB DAC's will work with the Android operating system. I did find an inexpensive DAC that I use with my Samsung GalaxyS3. You can find it at HiFiMeDIY.comIt is SABRE based and sounds really good for something so inexpensive.Enjoy,Bob 
IC compatibility for Ayre CX-7e CD player
I found that this player responds well to power cord upgrades as well as interconnect experimentation.I'm using a Triode Wire Labs digital cable along with Analysis Plus interconnects, and loving it. Plenty of detail with a very balanced sounding ... 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
Easy enough to burn in tonearm wire. Just get 2 make RCA jacks. Solder some solid core copper wire to them of a sufficient gauge to fit into yout cartridge clips. Plug those RCA jacks into the back of your CD player, the new solid core wire into t... 
Ortofon Anna or Transfuration Proteus?
Syntax - so what IYO beats them? 
Advice for a usb dac
If you like the Dragonfly concept then you should check out the Sabre based DAc's at HifimeDIY.comThere's even one that works with an Android phone (and it sounds damn fine indeed).Enjoy 
Accordian licks
Try Mare Nostrum by Paolu Fresu and Richard Galliano and Jan Lundgren. Galliano is just awesome.I've got to get more of his stuff 
Best beer
The best part of searching for the best beer is the journey itself.For those of you who are into trying different beers, check out a phone app called "Untapped". You can track your beers, comment and rate them, and see what others have to say.Enjo... 
asheville audiophiles
DIY outlet change:- find the circuit on the panel board- turn circuit off- replace outlet- turn circuit on- testTotal time @10 minutes. Cost = $0Getting an electrician to do the same = not priceless (@$100).If you are leery of trying this then I s... 
Electrostatic Speakers
Living with a great panel speaker (I have Apogee Duetta Sig's) for a while is like living with a great passive preamp. It might not do everything right, but once you are used to the transparency that they bring to the table it is hard to find anyt... 
Can't decide on Integrated Amp - Please Help
I second looking at the Plinius. Or a Melody.