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The Arm/Cartridge Matching Myth
I've been a victim of ignoring this issue. I had a very heavy cartridge for a short while, paired with my medium mass arm. The math did not work for this pairing.I experienced a rumble that I just could not get rid of. To the point of considering ... 
Rhodium vs Gold AC connectors
For the most part (generality), Rhodium seems to sound like a loudness button was pushed. More top end cleanliness and extension, and tighter and louder bass. The mids seem to retract a wee bit.Again, very general impression based on 4-5 rhodium p... 
Granite surface plate
If you like the look of it but want better performance I suggest you try a material like Corian, which is far more dense and damped than granite or any natural stone. 
VAC amps and Focal Grand Utopias at $195k a pair
I went to dinner with some friends on Friday night, then came back to the show with an hour to go. We stopped in this room and ... it was empty. We had an hour to play all our own music. Heaven! Not even a hint of a smudge of a taste of an idea to... 
Stereo Times Review of the Apogee Acoustics Diva
Grant - it's quite funny hearing you talk about finding a "keeper". The only "keeper" I saw in your listening room over the last several years was your listening chair.:-)Onward and Upward (hopefully). 
Porqupine Tree
"hard to find" and "expensive" - that epitomizes the Porcupine Tree EP's that he has also put out. But so many of those are just as essential to a PT fan as the regular albums (aka "nil recurring" especially).But take your time on these. There's s... 
Galaxy S3 phone and external DAC I ordered this about 2 weeks ago, then we left on vacation. I got back today and picked up our mail and there it was in a little bubble pack. Very tiny. No instructions. I p... 
Stereo Times Review of the Apogee Acoustics Diva
I have refurbished Duetta Sig's that I bought from a buddy who bought the Diva Ultimates. Mine have original ribbons but totally updated crossovers. They sing beautifully.My buddy had issues with his Diva's - they just didn't mesh with his room. Y... 
Jospeh Audio Pearl3 or Rockport Atria
Well ... I guess this particular group has no moderator. This kind of crap thread derailement gets through when I ask perfectly reasonable questions on other AG forums and never see my post again!As for the original question - keep auditioning, th... 
Or is it the wine?
It can, over time. Liver failure ... diabedes ... dimentia ... accidental catastrophe'sI plan to die raving about my system, while bleeding internally, about to pass out from disasterous blood sugar levels, as I trip and fall into my high powered ... 
What does music mean to your life/
I have this on both a t-shirt and my license plate holder on the car:"Without Music Life Would Bb" 
Opinions Wanted on changing Turntable
Or upgrade to the new 3D printed arm. That was leaps and bounds better than the standard metal arm. 
Which artists' music do you buy without audition
Pat MethenySteve Wilson 
Porqupine Tree
Yeah, PT is pretty much gone as a band. Big doubts if they will ever resurface again. SW likes to move on in different directions, and is a bonafide progressive music encyclopedia, so I expect that he will continue to move forward and is less like... 
Capacitor log Mundorf Silver in Oil
The Jupiters seem to break in pretty quickly compared to other premium caps I have tried. You should hear 90-95% of their capability after 50-60 hours. 100 hours and they are pretty much "cooked" properly.