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Building custom crossover for Apogee Diva
Are you looking to build a completely new crossover, or just replace the parts in the existing crossover with better ones?If the latter, that is very easy. If the former I have to ask - why? 
VPI Direct Drive Turntable
IMO, you can't explain away the retail price point of any piece of audiophile equipment by looking at the sum of the component prices. If you did this then Lamm components wouldn't sell for any more than a Van Alstine. So I never find an argument ... 
Moving to a dynamic speaker from a Electrostatic
At your 15K price point I was very impressed with the Martin Django's. No, I don't own them, still using my Apogees, but for a cone speaker the Django's had all the slam you would expect (and generally miss in a planer) plus a transparency and sou... 
Removing Morch DP-6 tonearm wires from cartridge
I just use a Q tip and some quality rubbing alcohol from the drug store. Nothing special and works like a charm. 
Suddenly, Porcupine Tree
Here's a few Porcupine Tree clones that you may also want to check out ...Abigail's GhostRiversideBlackfield (which is another Steve Wilson project)And some others that are not clones, but a somewhat similar sound that you might enjoy, depending o... 
Removing Morch DP-6 tonearm wires from cartridge
Don't forget to clean your cartridge pins and clips (as best you can) when installing it. You clean your other connectors, right? So why not here too, where the signal is small and even a slight amount of dirt or oxidation can cause big sound issues. 
How much to spend on a decently good phono stage?
The phono stage is usually the weakest link in the analogue chain. If you've got a reasonably decent cartridge then the answer is "as much as you can afford", because the sound will only be as good as the phono stage regardless of how good a cartr... 
VPI Classic platter - is center milled?
I do believe that the classic platters definitely benefit from the periphery ring. I don't have one, but it is obvious to me that the record would lay flatter on the platter with that ring on it. 
Is a tube phono better than ss?
My tube phonoe stage has 8 tubes (4 x 12AU7, 4 x 12AX7). My cartridge output is .2mv, so I use a step up. My speakers are also very inefficient, so I have to turn up the volume on my preamp quite a bit. Because of these factors I do hear a wee bit... 
VPI Classic platter - is center milled?
I have the new Classic Ceramic coated platter. It does indeed have a shallow label sized indentation on it. The platter is totally flat, except for this depression.I have found that the rubber mat does nothing for the sound. I use the one piece cl... 
VPI Classic platter - is center milled?
Just put any straight edge on the platter and you should know immediately 
Can a tiny silver bowl affect music reproduction
I can see it now ... "Honey, I'm borrowing all your pyrex cooking bowls for a bit."Audiophiles hosting Pampered Chef parties, but just for the bowls. 
Manley Steelhe as preamp
sorry - dupe posting 
Which system to buy Aragon forte or McCormack?
As with most SS amps, they seem to sound better with a properly mated tube preamp in front of them. 
Anyone Damp the insides of your Speaker Cabinets?
There's damping of a speaker's interior, like adding wool or fiberglass insulation. If judiciously done it really helps a speaker resolve itself and avoid ringing. If overdone it is readily audible as a lack of micro dynamics.There's damping of a ...