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Extra sets of Cables to switch up system?
I found it quite fascinating to learn about the evolution of wire and dielectrics on the Cardas Audio website. Cardas manufactures  'wire' for many of the leading audio 'cable' manufacturers  as well as for some of the most advanced scientific app... 
Cable Break In for the Naysayers
Cardas Audio has some interesting comments on break-in.  
Goldmund Studietto repairs
@pindac Thank you. I've just discovered George Meyer AV in LA. Seem excellent as well. Will be contacting both soon.  
Spectral audio today
@keithr . What a 'silly' post yiou made about Spectral......Tsk tsk....  boring &    
Upgrades and repairs on hi fi components
@bigkidz .  Have you done any repairs/refurbs to Goldmund Studietto - circa 1983/4  ?  Contact ptss if you can. Thanks    
Component contributions to “sound stage”
Hi. Unfortunate amount of drivel on this. Correct answer. Your front end component is the key. Period. It either provides or it doesn't. Front end is your key.   
Goldmund Studietto repairs
Maybe Michael Fremer knows   .......  Great analog, record guy.    
Goldmund Studietto repairs
Ok. Goldmund is not common. I remain hopeful :)  
SEEKING ADVICE: Which component would you upgrade first?
Power conditioning. Look into an Equitech 2Q. When you find used will improve "everything" . Best wishes.    
Re the original question. Simple correct answer. Tonearm should not vibrate or flex. If it's not "perfect" - damping is appropriate. Of course there are many 'cabalistic' factors  :)  (Made you go for the dictionary :)  Naturally this thread 'coul... 
A treat for those who like classical piano
@mahler123 . What's HIPP approved?   
Question about MH-770 Ultralinear II speaker cable
@windowsx . May I ask reason your changing DMA 180?  
TAS. The Absolute Sound?
@ghdprentice . Agreed 👍🏻   
Absorption of digital hash
Thanks for all helpful responses. I don't have a problem I have an Oppo 205 and thought if this material is good enough for Berkeley it's probably goid enough for Oppo. I have no complaints with my Oppo.   
Shure Bulletin (written in 1954)
@elliottbnewcombjr . Thank you for this lovely reminder. FWIW. I appreciate the LAST products. Hope they remain available.  Michael Percy Audio offers them; and he's been wonderful to many buyer. Very free with his knowledge.  Helped me considerab...