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What are you doing with your tax return?
Self employed. No Refunds. They kept my $300.00 check for back taxes.No Wife. They cost to much. 
Transcendent Super Compact 150
Why don't you pose your query here?http://www.transcendentsound.com/cgi-bin/ugroup.pl 
why are jolidas so cheap?
I have a Jolida 302A and with the replacement of the Chinese tubes there is absolutely nothing wrong with it for the price. True it is not the best but for your price range you won't find much better. It doesn't match my 300B with a 2C22 or 26 pre... 
300B amp, Shearwaters, 508.24. Any reason why this wouldn't
I would be very suspicious of a 300B at 24wpc. I don't know that 24 wpc is possible unless it is parallel or push pull. I suppose it is possible but the life of the tube will be very short.An 8 watt per channel, which is what a true SET 300B would... 
Should Manufacturers Post Prices In Ads
Looks like a fish didn't like my post and gave me -2 -2.Pretty chicken for a mere ten words. 
Should Manufacturers Post Prices In Ads
Asolutely, In my book if they don't something is fishy 
Which IC is more important?
Which ever one sounds the best where ever it is located is the most important. 
What's Triode???
There are two kinds of triodes. The directly heated triode(DHT) and the indirectly heated triode(IDHT). With the DHT there are three elements. The plate or anode, the grid and the heater/cathode. The filament serves a dual purpose as the heater an... 
Who pays for busted stuff?
You do. As already stated the chances of legal action are nil and the seller already told you it was OK when he sent it making it clear you are stuck. 
Right channel distortion
The problem you describe sounds like a weak connection as in a cold solder joint or dirty tubes pins and sockets. The cold solder joint would be in a DIY kit so I doubt that is the problem.As already stated move the tubes and see if the noise foll... 
Tube amps... what is so great about 'em
I liken the sound of SS to something like the old Nintendo. Single dimensional.Tube are more like a Sony Playstation 2. Multidimensional. 
300B king of tubes?
The cost difference is not in just the sound. With an approximately 40,000 hrs of usable service in the tube it is actually less expensive than others. 
Has anyone compared these preamps?
Don't know about the Rogue but I am familiar with the AE-3.Get the Rogue unless you are capable of modifying the AE-23 
Prozac is supposed to good for OCD 
System sounds better at night?
Mine also sounds better at night. At night people are in bed sleeping so you have fewer electricity poluting things on line. I found that as I go around turning things off for the night my system gets quieter. Your neighbors polute your electricit...