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Nakamichi PA-7A II ?
The amp in question is about 20 years old, if my memory serves me right. If you do decide to get them make sure you audition them first as the chances of capacitors drying out is high unless it has been properly serviced. 
NAD 3140 - I know nothing
I own the 3225PE basically a 25 watter with power envelope circuitry making it sound like 35-40 watts/ch. Its a great amp very similar to 3020 but circa 1990/91.These little Nad somehow drive the Mission speakers beautifully, at the moment Ihave i... 
Why are audiophiles perceived as being wackos?
Very interesting thread and posts by people, certainly thought provoking.I feel audio is a bit different from say, collecting watches, being interested in cars, boats, etc. I think the difference is that cars, boats and watches are ready made thin... 
Most "Ruthlessly Revealing" Speakers. Your opinion
Planar speakers (period). 
Album which you have listened to most?
This thread keeps sufacing every few months and I keep coming back to it, my god there is lot of superb music on this thread.Thank you all for posting on this thread :) 
Anyone know anything about Eleanor McEvoy?
Nrchy,I tried to pick up the album a couple of times but was out of stock,after that I totally forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me, will surely get back on this.Next time when you remind about it I must have the album in my possession otherwi... 
Review: NAD 3020 Receiver
Pepo,What are you comparing this amp with? It is definately a fantastic amp when you compare it with something in the same price bracket. Besides, if you have it, is it in perfect condition? Maybe faulty? 
Song intros that really grab you? ?
I revisited this thread and looks like the winner here thus far is the intro to the Beethoven's Symphony No 5 which is mentioned more times than any other intro. It sure is a classic and probably more widely known/remembered intro to a much wider ... 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
Although never liked Donna Summers but apparently while doing the full version of "I Love to love you baby" she even reached climax :-)Wonder it was marketing ploy or the truth. 
HZ.....How low for full range music???
Not many speakers are able to do justice to frequecy around 30 Hz or so and those that do are not cheap at all. I also owned Maggies at one time and I think that they are better capable of reproducing bass than most box speakers at similar price l... 
Twisted Lyrics :
Wstritt,Only if I knew I would not have started this thread and would have posted my message in the relevant thread instead. Thank you for the link. :) 
why spikes under speakers???
20 Hz cycle is 53 feet long, 20khz is less than an inch if merory serves me right. 
Amazing ''Overachieving'' products...your pick?
LS3/5a (any variant) I own the 15 Ohm Chartwell's and 11 Ohm Rogers. To my ears the midrange on these babies is far superior to the Kef Reference Two speakers that I have in the main rig.Rega Planar 3 (RB300 has got to be the best value component ... 
Audiogon "SACD's TO DIE FOR" list
Rimsky-Korsakov's Scheherazade; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale (Living Stereo)Wonderful Dynamics and very emotional performance (three channel recording as was the original)Avalon - Roxy Music is my favourite for a multi channel diskEleanor M... 
why spikes under speakers???
Just to add to Goinbroke's correct explanation of what spikes are all about, the decoupling of the speakers will give an impression of less bass but in reality there will be more extesion in the lower region (less boom) and not only that but the o...