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Any suggestions for good obscure music?
Elenor McEvoy - Yola (fabulous recording, wonderful music) 
What time do you wear?
I noticed this thread keeps resurfacing every now and then. I also noticed some members needing advice on watches and links were duly provided to help them. Good links, however, allow me to add one morefor the benefit of members. I frequently visi... 
Album which you have listened to most?
Appreciate the responses, keep 'em coming! 
Which Patricia Barber album floats yer boat?
Henryhk,Would you be kind enough to describe the contents of her new album? In what way it is better, Does it releate to any of her previous albums? What you liked personally in this new album.I am sure there are many fans of Ms Barber on this thr... 
Review: Kef 2 Reference Speaker
Bill,I have actually sold off my entire system and now taking a break :)Except for the Chartwell LS3/5a I have nothing left!I plan to redo everything in due course of time. This is not something which can be termed an upgrade or downgrade but I ne... 
Music out there with good bass
Cassandra Wilson - New Moon DaughterPatricia Barber - Cafe BlueMarcus Miller - M2Dave Grusin - Gershwin ConnectionDave Grusin – MigrationRimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade; Stravinsky: Song of the Nightingale (RCA Living Stereo) SACDKeb Mo – Slow DownS... 
Review: NAD 3120 Amplifier
My NAD 3120 amp was submerged for at least 3 days from Katrina. I let it dry, plugged it in and listened to Richard Thompson. If thats not reliability,what is! A great amp and one of the blessings in this storm. That sure is one reliable amplifier... 
what is good music?
Boa2,LOL at your response!Before curry, Boa2, before curry, that's the only way you will find out ;) 
New room, very small .Speaker Placement???
I remember sometimes back I inherited a room which was 12 ft x 12 ft 3 inches. There were two serious problems associated with it:1) Floorstanders really excited the room nodes in a negative way as Onhwy61 has pointed out as well.2) I could not pl... 
what is good music?
That moves you from the inside. 
Review: Denon PMA-S10 Amplifier
Update on the Denon PMA-S10I have now had this amp for just over a year and I have discovered a few more things about this wonderful amplifier.Couple of weeks back a friend of mine was very keen to hear the Denon and we had a session listening to ... 
Indian Sitar Stuff
4yanx,This thread I realised you created almost a year ago. Have been able to find what you were looking for? Just curious 
Your favorite song from a RECENT cd release?
"I Got You To See Me Through" by Eleanor McEvoy from her album "Yola" 
solid state power amps, golden oldies
Jaybo,You left out nothing for me to add, so I have to say that I agree with your listing.I want to add one thing in response to the original poster. Amplifiers older than about 15 years would probably need servicing and possibly the capacitors an... 
Review: Primare A30.1 Amplifier
Latifster,Appreciate your viewpoint. I wish you many happy hours of listening to the amp on which you fell head over heals.Cheers!