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Review: NAD 3120 Amplifier
Ferrari,Some have gone on to say that the newer Nad 320BEE comes very close yet some say the magic is missing.I will be very anxiously waiting for your feedback.Cheers!Anis 
LS3/5a's - what amps are you using?
Quad 606II drove the LS3/5a's very well. Also a Denon PMA-S10 integrated sounds pretty good. 
What Amplifier goes with KEF Reference 4?
I had Kef Reference 2's they sounded superb with both Primare 30.1 and Quad 606II/66 combo. I also tried Perreaux with it, although the bass was the best with this in chain but the mids were nowhere near what Quad had to offer. I am sure the 909 w... 
Who sells high quality audiophile CD’s?
Tfkaudio,If you like albums from Rounder, you owe it to yourself to checkout Alan Stivel's two albums Renaissance of The Celtic Harp and Harpes du Nouvel age. 
Music Your Wife Will Really LISTEN To with you ?
Sting is something she appreciates, she is not a music lover or even a regular listner but if I switch any component in the chain she can tell even from the kitchen. 
Which Patricia Barber album floats yer boat?
Vicks7,Many have praised the musicians who accompany her in the band, she being the leader, if she was no good they would have surely left her and persued their careers elsewhere. Michael Arnopol the bass player is with her and playing since last ... 
Amateur inherited an audio system...
Fpferguson,You might be interested in knowing that recently Chartwell LS3/5a in Rosewood went for a cool £3,000! ;) 
Which Patricia Barber album floats yer boat?
Cwlondon,You are not the only one praising "Split" I have heard from others as well about it. Thanks for the post which serves as a reminder.I also noticed "Verse" being mention and agree it it another great album. Although it took a while before ... 
Review: REL Acoustics Strata mkIII Subwoofer
Bill,All I can say is THANK YOU! 
what is the best sub for $1500.00 or less
Jhwalker you wrote:no matter what sub you get, you will always be able to hear that the bass is coming from where your sub is placed.You mean to say that bass in the region of 50 Hz and under is directional? Surely, you must know being a member he... 
best sounding small speakers
what is the best sub for $1500.00 or less
Rel Strata 
Sade - The Best of......
Clf,You are correct, it is the album you mention, however, a remastered version was released sometime in 2001 as well.Thanks for taking time out to read the review, appreciated.Anis 
Review: Kef 2 Reference Speaker
Bill,You are absolutely correct when you say we are both blessed by sons who may carry on the "audiophile" tradition. Let's keep our fingers crossed for that.Come to think of it, yes my ears are still ringing. I feel embarrased as to how I could d... 
Amateur inherited an audio system...
Raycc,None of us here actually know your girlfriend and I am sure none of us really wanted you to dump your grilfriend or sell her as some suggested. I think we all got carried away and wanted you to know that the sytem is very good and that you s...