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Killer Specs for High End PC in 2006
This thread started with Apple and ended with Apple, you should get the hint by now.PC's will never be able to compete with a Mac when it comes to video encoding. Apple's were built for this very purpose. Pixar, Disney Studio and many others are d... 
Another sign SACD is dying
In my opinion it is against the nature of an audiophile/music lover to be a whiner. I embraced almost every format that came along and enjoyed every minute that I spent with it. Dying is inevitable, be it any format or us. Happy listening to every... 
Subwoofers that do both L/R & LFE simultaneously?
REL Strata III have another advantage in the sense that they are sealed enclosures which integrates well with any speaker in the chain. I use it with the LS3/5a as well as Kef Reference Two, both totally different speakers yet the REL seamlessly i... 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Buynow,It was SANTA ESMERALDA :)For you it was 680zx and for me it was Nakamichi 700 Tri-Tracer! 
The song you just cant stop playing???
A few from the top of my head...Both sides now - Joni MitchellConcerto de Aranjuaz - John Williams (guitarist)Girl from Ipanema - Getz/Gilbarto Walk on by - Dionne Warwick 
Other than the SOUND, what do you love the most?
Agree with you on the Maggies, I too owned the MG1c and they were truly amazing piece of kit and my first introduction in my own home to the sound of Maggies. 
Am i benefited from using a headphone amp ?
I was in the same boat as you are with exactly same amout to spend on a headphone amp to drive the Sennheiser HD580.Here is my story.......http://www.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.pl?forum=amp&n=75506&review=1 
Can a vintage piece over 40 years old be Highend
Mdhoover,I had heard the AR9 in the 80's and yes they were superb speakers. I also had the pleasure to listening to them very recently and my jaw dropped at the knowledge of what they were capable of. I am saying this is because when I first heard... 
Diff in recording/reproduction in Analog/CD/SACD
Analog is reality, digital fantacy. 
Can a vintage piece over 40 years old be Highend
Have had the pleasure of hearing a 1964 Sansui Tube amp (40 watts or so) driving the Martin Logan CLS effortlessly. The sound to my ears was way superior to a Krell 300i which I heard in the same combo. I own the Chartwell LS3/5a circa 1979 and wh... 
Who Has The Best service department
Quad is legendary! Anyone can deny that? 
Best Concert Film
My favourites (some have been mentioned already)Eric Clapton - UnpluggedFleetwood Mac - Dance (I personally prefer it to Live in Boston)Diana Krall - Live in ParisRoger Waters - In the FleshJames Taylor - Live at the Beacon TheatreEagles - Hell Fr... 
What SS Int Amp to match with Sonus Faber?
The speakers are Italian, why not go for an Italian amp? Audio Analogue Settanta Puccini at 70 watts/channel should be the amp to go for at just under USD2K. I have heard the Puccini SE in my own system and it floored me, it belongs to a friend wh... 
Which headphones are comfortable?
Sennheiser - nothing else will do! 
What's your favorite lyric from a song?
I've looked at life from both sides nowFrom win and lose and still somehowIt's life's illusions I recallI really don't know life at allIt's life's illusions I recallI really don't know lifeI really don't know life at allBoth Sides Now by Joni Mitc...