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Headphones for iPod.
For those who do not mind something inside their ears, earbuds are great, but, there are many who never felt comfortable. It depends from person to person, trying out an earbud would be the logical approach before you commit yourself.iPods are pri... 
Speakers sound better without grilles?
LS3/5a's are supposed to be listened to with the grills on since it was designed that way. Some cannot tolerate listening to speakers with the grills on and invariably will remove it due to habit irrespective of what the speaker builder says. 
Review: Kef 2 Reference Speaker
Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated.Kef & B&W are both very well respected speaker makers BUT going for either brand is a matter of personal preference. The best suggestion that I can give you is audition them and see what floats... 
Amps for Dynaudio Audience 72?
Denon 2000IVR may fit the bill nicely. 
Canare 4S11 vs MIT Terminator 4 Bi Wire
To be honest you really do not need expensive speaker cables for the system you have. I am very familiar with the Nad components but not heard the particular speakers you have.I do not think you can go wrong with the Canare 4s11. Its not expensive... 
Best amp for Rogers LS3/5a + AB1 subwoofer?
I have the Chartwell LS3/5a 11 Ohms as well as Rogers LS3/5a 11 Ohms. I drive them with a Quad 606II and sometimes with the Denon PMA-S10 Integrated. Both sound great with either combination. 
Canare 4S11 vs MIT Terminator 4 Bi Wire
So many floks say silver speaker wires are great for detailed sound I tried it once and it robbed the bass completely from my system. I could not believe the phenomena since never have I experienced so much difference in any cable (most of the tim... 
Review: Denon DCD-1560 CD Player
I you like this player so much you will be flabbergasted when you hear the DCD-S10 series cd player. It is truly high end and was introduced as S series of Denon's high end components in 1995. The original price was about $2000. I think it can be ... 
Review: Denon PMA-S10 Amplifier
Andrew,Your comments very much appreciated. Thank you very much for taking time out and responding to the review I did.It seems like those who know about this amplifier have praised it very highly. There was another gentleman at AA by the handle "... 
Another sign SACD is dying
I wanted to get the SACD of Deep Purple - Machine Head but was not able to find it online, Amazon.com had it but it was a long wait. I found it at Amazon UK and ordered it along with Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms ltd edition digipack SACD. When ... 
Review: Denon PMA-S10 Amplifier
Cheyenne,Thanks for the feedback. Yes, its a pity that more of these amps do not make it to the US, but, the Japanese domestic products always are of high quality which many do not get to even see. I had purchased in 1984 a Sony walkman while in T... 
Looking for the king of mini monitors under $1500
LS3/5a's are not just "king of mini monitors under $1500, but "king of all mini monitors at any price" (period). 
Amplifier maintenance for beginners
Make sure the tire pressure is checked when the tires are cold and not while you are driving around, half a km is the extreme if you need to go to a gas station. After that the tires get warmed up and you get incorrect reading.As for your question... 
Sound Quality of Remastered CD's
I bought a few CD's which I noticed were remastered, some sounded great and some I found to be very bright. However, the remastered versions of SACD's I found to be superb and well worth every penny spent for example the RCA Living Stereo SACD's. 
What's the "worst" cdp for the money?
Boa2/Quackfat/Wc65mustangI never said that there is no difference between a $500 and a $5000 cd player. Please read my post carefully before making assumtions.Thank you :)