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Prog Rock
Glass Hammer and Mars Hollow 
Excellent review - I have been considering the De Capo's, and I also have a pair of Mahi monoblocks. My hesitation is on not being able to listen first, but your review does a lot to alleviate that 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Hudsonpatrick saidI have the 8ps. They are great of of the box, but after a few months, they are magic. They have a huge sound.What amp are you using and can you provide a little more about the sound and what kinds of music you listen to and what ... 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Still like to hear from someone who has listened to them 
anyone heard dc10audio speakers?
Yeah there so damn pretty I'm just hoping they sound as good 
Strada, VMPS or Fritz?
For what kind of listening, with what amp, in what size room? it all makes a difference 
Headphones? Anyone?
My preference is Audio Technica, I find their phones to be a good middle of the road choice for all kinds of music. 
Recommend some Blues music to a newbie
Blue Rider Trio (Harp, Steel & Guts) on Mapleshade RecordsRobert Lucas (Luke & the Locomotives) on JVC XRCDBoth of these are exceptionaly well recorderd and mastered blues releases 
Best speaker in the $5-10K range. Details below.
At the upper end of your budget is the Daedalus speakers. I auditioned some in my home a few years back and really loved them. 
Rediscovering Cold Blood
Chazro - In addition to Transfusion, there is also Live Blood from 2008, it's a good one also. I had the luck to follow Cold Blood from the streets of Palo Alto to being the headliner at Filmore and Winterland back in the day. I've also seen them ... 
Von Schweikert VR-33
I've heard that despite the advertising and specs, the VR-33s do require a bit more power than you would normally expect. What is the power of the RM-9, I have Manley Mahi Mahi and they push 25 - 40 depending upon configuration. 
Any pleasant surprises because of guest appearance
Carlos Santana joining Jeff Beck and Stevie Ray Vaughn for the encore at Oakland ColiseumTower of Power opening, Cold Blood second act and Santana as the headliner at Frost Ampitheatre in Stanford, CA. For an encore Santana played with Tower of Po... 
Best Rock Album in 2011
For me it's Steve Miller Band - Let your hair down, but I'm looking forward to getting Black Country Communion 2 which just came out this week 
Maple Shade Recordings?
I never buy music just because of it's sound quality, but having said that I dearly love the mapleshade recordings of the Blue Rider Trio that I have - good music, combined with exceptional sound quality 
Funk Essentials - Under The Radar
Some of the spin offs of Funkadelic/Parliament are often overlookedBootsy Collins Rubber BandEddie HazelI hope the reason that Tower of Power hasn't been mentioned is that everyone already knows they are FUNKY