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Receiver for headphone use only
I use a Marantz CD-5001 CD player in the same configuration (on the night stand) and it works quite well. I paid just over $200 for mine and it was a new open box sale, you might find one used for less. It has a separate headphone amp section and ... 
Carpener goes to Rounder and Vega to Blue Note
Dr. John on Blue NoteMadeline Peyroux on Rounder 
Best James Brown CD?
Love Power Peace, live at the olympia, paris 1971JB at the top of his game and well recorded 
Anyone tried EH6550 tubes in a SF Power 2 amp?
Not yet, I too have JJ KT88's and since they are running so nice I haven't gotten off my lazy and ordered the 6550s. I'll post when I do 
THE Show 07
"incidentally, it might be interesteting to have several audiogon members meet and share perceptions and thenm report on them after the show. the value to those not attending may be immeasurable." MrtennisI for one would appreciate the second hand... 
12" 45 RPM records: What's the story?
As Shadorne says the ones I used to own always claimed better dynamic range and it seemed that way to me. Although I always felt like I was being taken advantage of because of the shorter playing time. 
Whats more important? Speaker or the Amp
I've always auditioned speakers in the store, decided what I wanted, bought them and then started the search for a suitable amp. I suppose you could do it the other way around. 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Hooper's Maria Muldaur reminded me of her "Don't you make me high" don't you feel my leg song. Which is another great "sexy" song sung by a woman 
Sexiest Pop Song Ever?
Fever redone by Rita Coolidge 
Recommentation for small floorstander
You might look at/try the RAW Acoustics HT3 or HT8 depending upon your budget. Use of ribbon tweeters help reduce the boxiness of these and other speakers. 
Tube amp with SS like bass
I agree with Raquel, I auditioned several amps including the Rogues and ended up buying the Sonic Frontiers Power 2. There are lots above your price range, but in it, the Power 2 is your best option. 
Best "one-on-one" recordings... one voice and...
This is a slight cheat on the subject, but I find it an incredible recording:Open Fire, Two Guitars - Johnny Mathishttp://www.amazon.com/Open-Fire-Guitars-Johnny-Mathis/dp/B00000JBDS/sr=1-11/qid=1161198269/ref=sr_1_11/104-3486952-3375107?ie=UTF8&a... 
Tube amp for rock? Newb Questions
KT-88Sonic Frontiers Power 2 (I own and love)Rogue Audio (I auditioned and it was my 2nd choice)Nuff said 
Experience with Instant Live recording?
I have a Hydra (Particle w/Mickey Hart)and it is quite good. Although my experience has been that these are usually only available at the event, so not sure how it helps you. 
what are your most favored recordings ?
In no particular order:Johnny Mathis - Open Fire, Two Guitars - incredible voice, clean guitar, no gimmiksAllman Brothers - Live at Fillmore East - IMO One of the best live recordings ever and I grew up on itBeatles - Rubber Soul - Love the imager...