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Overlooked R & R gems from the past
Harvey Mandel - Christo Redentor and Babby Batter Tommy Bolin - Private EyesLes Dudek - Ghost Town ParadeNot exactly bargain bin, but never got all the respect they deserve 
Your favorite prog rock music? ?
For the older folks - Greenslade and Uriah Heap and don't forget Hawkwind 
Your favorite prog rock music? ?
Don't forget the new stuff: Flower Kings, Ozric Tentacles, Planet X 
Best New Riders of the Purple Sage recording
The first self-titled album has been released in a re-mastered version and has the best sound. There are some really good authorized "bootleg" releases of live concerts from a company called kufala. 
Power tubes for SF Power 2?
I have a Power 2 and use KT88s in it. I asked Chris at PartsConnexion (The orginal designer for Sonic Frontiers) he recommended the KT88s over the 6550s 
Loudspeakers that go LOUD?
Find something that you can bi-amp and use the tubes for the upper end and buy yourself an inexpensive powerhouse for the bass (Adcom, Parasound or Rotel are a few) I did this with Innersound ISIS and they played loud and didn't lose the imagery o... 
Best Rock Drummers
Just to keep the thread alive and because this guy is awesomeVirgil Donati 
Help Me Expand My Music Taste
Go to Telarc Records and sample things, they have both blues and jazz and it is well recorded.Once you find a few things you like you can go to Amazon and plug a few titles in and they will make recommendations based on what you chosehttp://www.te... 
Your favorite Summertime Top Down Cruising music?
CDs - not songsCold Blood - SysiphusTower of Power - East Bay GreaseQuicksilver Mesenger Service - Shady Grove 
Eliminate system hum
05-31-06: ElescherIf your Cable TV is run through your system, try disconnecting all cabeling between the two and see what happensIn my system the hum is clearly caused by the cable tv, disconnect the cable and hum goes away. Unfortunately I live ... 
Best Box Sets?
Depends upon your taste in music and how detailed you want to get.I've had some box sets and then gotten rid of them because I ended up buying all of the individual releases. The only one that I haven't been tempted to replace is also the most exp... 
replacing the volume control in an inexpensive pre
I don't yet have the pre-amp, just bought it here, but the seller says that it is loose and creates an uneven balance when "wiggled"For now I am trying to do some research on what is available and get some opinions on them 
RAW HT2, HT6, and HT3 at my house
I bought a pair of demo HT3s, mainly because I could get them so inexpensively and because my wife was/is tired of the big black speakers that I was using.Didn't think they would compare at all to the speakers that I had been using, to my surprise... 
What's Best To Put Under My Speakers?
Check these people out: http://www.oregondv.com/Floor_Standing_Speaker_Stands_Plinths.htm 
Favorite Non-Major Record Label
Telarc - recently bought by concordexcellent sound quality and a good stable of musicians