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The Hub: Is a Vinyl Revival in progress?
Sales of new vinyl records definitely seem to be on the upswing. Five years ago, new vinyl releases were done on a limited basis and were carried at the few remaining independant record stores as more or less a fetish item. There were sections for... 
Why so much????
Speaking for myself, every month hundreds of new albums are released. While they might not be 'great', they're generally still worth spinning a few dozen times. For example, I recently purchased The Killers album Hot Fuss after seeing them at the ... 
Components for Vandersteen 1C's
Thanks again to everyone. I really like that Jolida amp and it's good to see that it'll work well with the Vandy's. So I guess I got one out of two right... 
Components for Vandersteen 1C's
Thanks for the response. He purchased the stands with the speaker. I'll let him know about lead weighing them.Is the Marantz 6400 that much of a step up from the CC 44? 
floorstanding speakers for NAD C-320BEE amp
A friend of mine just bought that amp and auditioned a couple of speakers that are below your price point (~$500). Since it's my fault that he was buying stereo equipment, I went along with him. The speakers included the PSB Image 2B, the Triangle... 
Which artists do you just not get?
Aaron Copland.(And I do love Fanfare for the Common Man) 
Would you pay to rent my media/video room
Here's a brief explanation of video & PC rooms.http://www.springwise.com/newbusinessideas/2003/05/bang_rooms.html 
Would you pay to rent my media/video room
I've never been to Korea. My ex-girlfriend is Korean and so I learned a bit about the place while dating her.Gunbei - Probably. I don't really play computer games, so I'm not that familiar with actual titles. 
Would you pay to rent my media/video room
Reminds me of Korean video parlors. Teenagers rent rooms w/ a TV & a couch. Price point is waaay lower, though, and Koreans were already used to renting karaoke rooms. Anyway, I echo the comments that it's a bad idea in your own home. Actually... 
good speakers matches for jolida 302b
I rather like my Triangle Zephyr's with my 302B. The Comets work well with my friend's 202A. I tend to think Triangle and Jolida play well together. 
Words From the Wise
- Spend at least 20 times as much time listening to and thinking about music as you do listening to and thinking about gear- If you have a system you like, stop for awhile. Don't read reviews, don't visit websites, don't go to stores. Why waste ti... 
A system under $1k an interesting link
(I think it should be noted that all of his stuff was new, an important consideration for many people)I convinced my parents to upgrade their Sony boombox for an NAD L40, Triangle satelites (they wanted a thin profile so they could put them on the... 
The Biggest Disappointments in Rock and Roll
There's plenty of fantastic musical minds out there making great rock and roll music: Jason Spaceman, Jeff Tweedy, Ira Kaplan for example, would hold out against some of the best superstarts of the 60's and 70's.While I think that the golden age o... 
Question for Velvet Underground fans
PC - I was referring to I Can Hear... and And then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out. The latter is more subdued than former (although Cherry Chapstick is like a refined version of the super rockin' Sugar Cube). And then Nothing is a series of song... 
Question for Velvet Underground fans
Phasecorrect - Great observations on Sonic Youth / Jesus & Mary Chain re VU similarities. What do you think of Yo La Tengo (esp their last two album releases)?