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Speaker that are 'KEEPERS" for the long haul!!!
Ohm Walsh 2 I sent to the factory, upgraded to the super 2-2000 several years ago. Amazing-will never let them go!    
Your experience in "in their day" brands/components that you remember foundly?
Acoustic Research integrated amplifier Dynaco A25’s then the infamous AR3a’s the AR amp was designed for the 3a’s 4 ohm load. It was pretty impressive in the day.  
Best repair people for my Threshold 400a?
I moved several months ago. I was very careful in moving my Threshold 200. Once hooked up it was dead. I called Jon he was extremely helpful, had me  remove the top panel, that exposed four fuses toward the back of the unit, one  obviously blow... 
Still happily using vintage gear?
I am still using my 1973 Acoustic Research amplifier. I can’t imagine the thousands of hours that are on it. Works like a charm. 
Threshold T-200. Help me choose a preamplifier
I use a Modwright SWL 9.0 SE tube pre amp with the T200 to Ohm Walsh 2-2000 with excellent results. I use RCA’s this is an older9.0 and does not have balanced inputs. To me it sounds great, the T200 is a powerhouse. 
Refresh Ohm Walsh 4s or Walsh 5000 upgrade?
Sorry I meant mapman 
Refresh Ohm Walsh 4s or Walsh 5000 upgrade?
I agree with madman, go for the upgrade. I sent my original 2’s I’ve owned forever back to Ohm, cabinets and cans. They did the cabinet changes and installed upgraded cans to the super 2-2000.The difference was unbelievable. I highly recommend the... 
Ohm Walsh 4 conundrum.
Sent my Walsh 2 in several years ago. Cabinets and all. They relocated the speaker wire hookup,new cans,cleaned up the cabinets to the super 2 2000. Everything mapman says is true,amazing difference. Bass,imagining, all better. It has been said in... 
Best Speakers You Have Ever Heard In Your Home
Ohm Walsh Super 2.2000 amazing! 
Any Ohm Walsh owners using tube amp?
I agree with Mapman, I have walsh2 upgraded to super 2-2000.I use a Modright tube preamp with a Threshold 200 class A amp. I use a Hsu sub too.The sound is amazing. I have heard a similar setup as mine with Mac tubes,it sounded great but had no wh... 
Thinking about the good old days...
I got a paper route for TheWashington Post, bought my first systemLafayette 30w amp, Garrard turntable, Criterion 25 speakers. I was in heaven.Sold the 25’s after a few years, bought Criterion 100B’s ,big mistake. Got rid of those, then Dynaco A25... 
RIP Eddie Van Halen. What was your first stereo you rocked to VH on?
AR amp, Dual turntable, Klipsch Lascala’s=bleeding ears.Kidding no bleeding ears, but this system rocked many parties. 
What was in your first "real" higher end audio system?
I got a paper route in the late 60’s bought my first systemGarrard turntableShure cartridge Lafayette ampCriterion 25 loudspeakers-upgraded from these to Dynaco A25Upgraded big time-AR ampAR turntableAR 3a loudpseakersStill have the AR amp tucked ... 
James Taylor
I listened to this last night, streaming through Qobuz high res. It sounded amazing. Totally enjoyed it! 
Advice on new PC strictly for audio
Thanks steakster I have been checking that web site for days, I like the sonictransporter i5 with the  microrendu. I understand the sonic is a music server which is exactly what I need. My only question is can I get all my iTunes downloaded to it ...