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High Mass Tonearms and Cartridge Matching
Raul,Of course you are right and I will be looking around for a source for lighter head shells. If I can come across one or two 6 and 8 gram head shells that will give me the leeway I need to try a couple of different cartridges. Thanks much.Bob 
Turntable Speed Using Strobe 33.3
I'd like to give a "shout out" to everyone who responded and provided vital and important information. This is part of my learning process and I do appreciate. Thanks much all.Bob 
Why is the price of new tonearms so high
Hello sir,I just purchased a Jelco SA-750D tonearm for $490 without cable. I will be installing it on a new plinth we are building. The cable cost me another $130 total and both appear to be real bargains. The Jelco arm is a real beauty and works ... 
Jelco Tone Arms
Hello sir,I am building a new plinth using birch plywood primarily. The plinth will be 5 by 15 by 22 inches. It will weigh in at about 65 pounds. I have dismantled my 1983 version of the Cranfield Elite Rock Turntable with Excalibur Tonearm. I am ... 
Jelco Tone Arms 9 and 12 inch
What are some of the lighter head shells you all are using? I would love to be able to use different compliance cartridges in this wonderful tonearm. What is the lightest head shell I can purchase and from where? Tell me what do you find runs best... 
Jelco Tone Arms 9 and 12 inch
Many thanks to all who provided guidance and suggestions. I do appreciate your sharing of information. Thanks again.Bob W. 
Classe DR-5 Pre-Amp Users
Actually, these resistors are soldered in place and I am very hesitant to tackle this job. I have not held a soldering gun in many years and this appears to be a very critical situation that can be easily messed up. What I was thinking is that a h... 
Audio Research or Conrad Johnson Tube Pre-Amp???
I want to thank each of you for responding to my request for information. Your kind suggestions are appreciated.Bob 
The Most Musical Class A/B Power Amplifier??
Thanks to everyone who responed to my request for information and suggestions.Bob 
VIP, SOTA & Oracle Turntables
Thanks all for your many comments and suggestions. I do appreciate. Bob 
Turntable Motor
I want to thank everyone who contributed comments and suggestions.Is there any company that produces the motor and transformer or controller in one complete package?Has anyone had experience with Origin Live's standard motor package? Please share ... 
Turntable Repair Service
Thank you for all information. I live in the USA and would prefer turntable service locally. However, since I am also looking at the purchase of a turntable motor I am not concerned where that might come from as long as it is good quality and can ... 
Classe DR-5 Pre-Amp
Thank you very much Stanwal. I do appreciate your response.Bob 
VIP, SOTA & Oracle Turntables
I want to thank all who responded here. However, I just realized that I did not provide very important information. I did not provide you information regarding the kind of music I listen to.I love classical, spiritual and jazz music. In regards to... 
Classe DR-5 Pre Amplifier
Thank you all for your response. I now have a Classe DR5 pre amp hooked up and playing. I must say that I am more than pleased with the sound and great build quality. This is an amazing unit that I plan to have upgraded later. If anyone has ideas ...