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Benchmark AHB2 or Class D (GaN FET)
Benchmarks amplifiers are not Class D.¬†  
Garbage In Garbage out
ūüĎć @ditusa¬†¬†have a great Fathers Day.¬†  
Sweet Sounding DAC
No they are very neutral. Think studio.¬†  
Sweet Sounding DAC
From my experiences with SPL and knowing their background in audio production studios I would give their DAC a listen. I have the SPL Phonitor 2 and Phonos in my system and they are spectacular. But as with everything YMMV and this is just my opin... 
Sweet Sounding DAC
Such powerful words of wisdom form @pennfootball71¬†After my experiences with Lampi I would not listen or read a word of advice from this guy. Grain of salt.¬† ¬† The dacs you listed are all junk compared to your Bricasti. Pay up buy a Lampizator ... 
Stereophile and the love of hotel decor
You can‚Äôt unsee hotel curtains? A bit fragile.¬†  
Why Do Cables Matter?
@knownothing¬†great observations on the selected posts.¬†  
New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui
@tmccarthy¬†he is a bit of an audio snob. He can not help himself.¬†  
New DAC! Meitner MA3, Denafrips Terminator Plus, Holo May KTE, Mola Mola Tambaqui
With this logic @ghdprentice¬†then we should all dump our separates and get an All In One? Also AR is not the end all be all, matter of fact there are many DACs that are much much better. Bit of an AR homer.¬† If you are in the market for a bette... 
Wharfedale Elysian 4 Incredible build quality and sound, but made in China.
Made in PRC products are in ur life every day. Some is of great quality and some not so much, pay your money and take your chances.¬†  
Transparent Audio Digital Coax Cable
What @audphile1¬†said.¬†  
Used PS Audio BHK 300 monoblock or (2) new benchmark ahb2 bridged?
Gold Note PA-10 in Bridged Mode. GaN Class A amplifiers that are awesome. I am using as SPL Phonitor 2 Reference pre-amp and Sonner Legato Duo and I mostly listen to Jazz, Blues, Classical. I also have the SPL Phonos phono pre.¬† ¬†  
Shocking Lampizator Service
Yep had issues coming out of my ears on my Atlancic, after several trips back to the factory out it went and in came a LL Echos End Reference. Never looked back you can never look back.¬† The Atlantic sounded great when it worked.¬†  
Bybee Technologies Crystal Series Plug-in Speaker Bullets.
You do you, leave the other folks alone.¬† Think your rideshare is here, PT.¬† ¬†¬†  
Swiss Digital Fuse Box - "What headroom sounds like"
Yep, it sure as heck does.¬†