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"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
Having a Southern heritage myself it always dismays me when entire swaths of  people are vilified, as if they acted in unity to commit "evil". Viewed through the lens of todays (hopefully) forward thinking, enlightened perspective we can easily a... 
"The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down".
The Band…..self titled. I’m hard pressed to recall another album capable of  transporting me so deeply into another mind space. ”Last night, ain’t no joke…my whole barn went up in smoke..” King Harvest. Richard Manuel’s vocals on Whispering Pine... 
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
Excellent picks! L. Ronstadt - Heart Like a Wheel Getz/Gilberto  The Band - s/t  
AI and the future of music
@ghdprentice  well, we’re getting closer but, to me anyway, no cigar yet. A blues song should take you to a new, though still familiar, emotional state; that A.I. “song” had the recognizable signposts but possessed no true emotional weight IMHO.... 
AI and the future of music
@macg19  gotta admit I did sweat a little during a few phrases… I would advise that AI songwriter to kinda toughen up a little….get a lil full sun on those capacitors in the field for a few long rows. Robert Johnson rests easy wherever he is….  
AI and the future of music
Perhaps it’s already happened, but I’m having difficulty imagining A.I. coming up with an authentic blues song.  
Stephen Stills
I believe For What Its Worth will continue to endure for many years...it gets played a lot, appears on many songlists. Manassas is a great album, and 4+20 is a late night song that still resonates with me as strongly as when it was first released... 
Stoned ice coffee?
The Doors always got my respect for not succumbing to ad revenue. Guitarist Robbie Krieger was particularly steadfast in resisting the temptation. One can only imagine what commercials "Light My Fire" would be used for...  
So This Really Is The End....
I think the title of the post says an awful lot. When Jim Morrison sang “….MUSIC is your ONLY friend….” In The Doors song “The End” I felt he was speaking directly to me. In high school I thought that more than once. Flipping through the record ... 
Added an SVS micro 3000 (for dimensional reasons) to khorn-tube integrated system and, at lower volumes, it made a tremendous difference. I intend to add a second one and hope the SVS app will be up to seamlessly integrating 2 subwoofers.  
Has Your Hobby Changed?
Not having to work enables a simple statement: if the mood strikes you, every night is Saturday night.  
Taylor Swift Concert Prices
I agree that the “lower tier” artists need and deserve our support.  A decent show should cost $100 or less in my book, but I know that’s not the new normal.  The Stones Exile tour in ‘72 was opened by Martha Reeves & the Vandellas, then Stevi... 
The weirdness of it all
@asvjerry +1 Someone has to acknowledge that tired old elephant in the room: We have met the weakest link in our system.....and it is us!    
the big one: how do you choose speakers? By what features, data?
In the early ‘80s I found some 3 year old Klipschorns for $1,600 (pair). A local audio shop owner (NOLA) recommended tubes and I got the lower end CJ amp/preamp combo that was fantastic to my ears. the audio shop guy was invited to hear my setup... 
Hidden Gems in Classic Rock Albums
(Sorry for the extra spaces in my last post...)