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A couple basic tidal questions
Your amp controls the volume, not Tidal. Tidal has no volume control or equalizer. Your computer should route all sound to the driver for the Ayre, and when you install the Ayre driver, this should normally happen automatically (at least it does w... 
What used speaker would you buy with $20,000-$35,000 and why?
I would try some Grado PS1000e headphones for a paltry $1,700 and see if they satisfy your musical needs. Amazing sound there, IMHO. 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
Thank you mattnhshilp! I'd be curious to know if it sounds calm in the upper midrange and with higher-pitch vocals. 
USB printer cable VS USB audiophile grade cable?
AQ Diamond is great. My A/B testing confirmed this.  
MSB Analog DAC experience
Yeah, Tidal is great. Get a good DAC (of course the sky’s the limit) and you have simple state of the art sound.The Tidal Beatles music sounds great.Tidal seems to sound better than any ripped redbook CDs (hard to believe, but true as I hear it).B... 
Absolute top tier DAC for standard res Redbook CD
So where does the EMMLabs DA2 fit in the with the EMM line with the XDS1/V2 cd player? Is the DA2 a new, better DAC than the one in the XDS1? It sounds that way... I would think a new cd player would be next if this is so. 
Chord Hugo ?
Yep, I concur from my year and a half with one. I do find it's better with an external amp (for headphones), but the built in one is pretty good also for portable usage. It really is a great, pleasant, sweet but detailed and impactful DAC that mak... 
Simple question, best sounding inexpensive DAC.
Look around for a used Chord Hugo. It sure won't take up too much room, and I have heard that there are some good buys on used ones as people trade up. I speak from lots of listening experience with one.And you won't need to invest in a power cord... 
Warm sounding power cord for for CD player to suppress digital glare on vocals.
Thanks lowrider. (Of course, I was trying here to learn from someone else's trial and error who was kind enough to let me know what they discovered.) Again, thanks to all the commenters. 
Need a 3 meter IC- not bright- suggestion please
 Cardas Golden Cross (or plain non-Golden Cross, but the Golden is better, with more refinement/ease). 
Warm sounding power cord for for CD player to suppress digital glare on vocals.
I'm the OP here. Budget would be around $1500 hopefully, new or used. (But if something is really special, I could save up for a while or sell something to do it.)About 10 years ago, after trying a number of cords, I found the old Shunyata Anacond... 
Krell KPS 20il....PLEASE HELP
It needs a new transport. 
Meitner/EMM Labs Firmware Upgrade = Sonic Bliss
I finally got the upgrade to the V2 and OMG it's amazing like people said! All the cliches apply: like musicality, unforced/plankton detail, see-through transparency, holographic soundstaging and a more controlled powerful deeper and most importan... 
Unsatisfied with Esoteric K-01: Alternatives?
Coli - Is that the Metrum Pavane you are talking about? How is that DAC? Thanks. 
Meitner/EMM Labs Firmware Upgrade = Sonic Bliss
1. I wanted to bump this thread to find out how people still feel about the new firmware for the XDS1/v2 or DAC2X.2. Also, has anyone upgraded their XDS/v1 to the v2 and how did that go?3. And is the new firmware just as non-fatiguing (without any...