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Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
My room is large-ish, about 22 feet by 13 feet, but I do sit nearfield and have them on the long wall. It may not be relevant here and I have never come into contact with any other Lahave than my own, but fit/finish/build quality/sturdyness is as ... 
B&W 802d Misleading Information and Scammers
I once had Aerial 10Ts driven by an Aragon 8008B (about a $2500 amp). I switched to a Pass X350 and they sounded like a new speaker, with a totally different midrange driver and tweeter, with ethereal and liquid vocals. I then became a 100% believ... 
Anyone listened to LaHave Speakers
I still have mine (for about 2 years now). Yep, natural tonality is what defines these speakers top to bottom. About the bass, I have heard (mainly at the NY show) some well known monitors (Harbeth among them) that have bass that seems be from a m... 
For Moody Blues fans
Hey thanks! Been a fan forever. ('Have most of the MB SACDs.) 
Dynaudio C1 II vs Focal Micro BE vs Harbeth SHL5
To the Original Poster: Excellent, superbly written post. Thanks for taking all that time to help your fellow audiophiles. It's very generous of you. Best to you.My only comment (from my own time as an SHL5 owner) was that, indeed, the midrange im... 
Volume control upgrades-
I replaced my DACT 23-stepper with a TKD 2500 continuous attenuator and love it. I did this because I could not get a precise enough level with the stepped DACT, but I am pleasantly surprised at the resolution, solid bass, and more organic less pi... 
NYC Audio Show this Friday, 12 APR 2013 ?
I wrote some short impressions in the thread on this in the Speaker forum. (My 2 cents: I thought best of show were the Joseph Audio Pearl 3 speakers with a VPI turntable, along with Venture Audio speakers.) 
Best Monitor not over 1K, new ot used
At that price, check out the very refined Quad 9Ls or 12Ls (both powered). I own both. 
Anyone going to the NY Audio show today to Sunday
I went, heard a lot, and best of show for me was the Joseph Audio Pearl (Version 3) in the VPI room. The sound was compelling and had none of the flaws I usually hear:(mushy upper bass, lack of low end, too much bass, ringing upper mids especially... 
Do I need to use filler in my speaker stands?
Thanks Paraneer! That's a new one to me. 
How to introduce computer audio to my system?
The Weiss MAN301 in the server-only version has a built in CD transport and looks like something that could connect right to the AES/EBU DAC inputs of my EMM player. (Not quite ready to spend $9000, but maybe a used one will show up and I'll wait ... 
Top monitors 3K - 6K range
Micheal, any further comments on the sound of the Micro BEs would be welcome. Thanks. 
would b&w 802n be an upgrade to my b&w 804S?
I had a long session at a dealer with the 802N (long ago in 1999) and liked it a lot (and heard the 801N and liked that too, even though it had a little too much bass, and ended up thinking the 802N was better balanced).I kind of actually liked th... 
How to introduce computer audio to my system?
Thanks D'howser for all that.(I may have asked something similar a long time ago,but I cannot recall -- the old brain is getting too foggy I guess...).I actually have an old Mac Mini (but with a conventional pair of hard drives.Of course, I need a... 
Do I need to use filler in my speaker stands?
I actually owned all of the other speakers I mentioned. (I left out the word "owned").I also had Piega P10s which had great imaging, too.