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Salk HT1-TL and Song Center and Surrounds a Match?
So Mytmauro, any comments on the Salks? Thank you. 
using a jumper cable - connect which set of post?
I always preferred the low-frequency posts for the direct connection. The bass was muddier the other way. This happened both times I had speakers with jumpers. 
Speakers for Sansui AU-666
I started with the Dynaco A25s back in the 1970s and still have a deep affection for them. They cost me new $120 for the pair.I listened to all the ARs, KLHs, Advents, ADCs and liked the Dynacos much better for the solid integrated bass and the la... 
life of speakers?
I have a pair of Omm Walsh 5s I bought new in 1985 still going strong and sound as nice as ever. 
Speakers for Sansui AU-666
Harbeths. They sound about the same to me from any amp. 
Best speaker on used market around 10,000.00
Dear Bache, nice site and good luck to you.Just to note, you spelled bass on your site's front page as base. 
JM Labs original utopia speakers
Yeah it's funny that I also felt the old Focal titanium tweeter was natural and extended and invisible in the original Utopia line but metallic and a little buzzy in vocals and strident in strings in Wilson speakers (I had Watt Puppy 6s).I also th... 
A/Q Dragonfly Converter
Just to put in a good word for my Dragonfly, I tried it not knowing what to expect and I love this little thing. It's much much better than using my sound card alone. And installation was abreeze with no hiccups on Windows 7 (and my computer has i... 
Magico S5 review
Not to criticize your very well written review, but I just wanted to note that in the 3 instances I heard the Nova Utopia Be speakers I strongly felt the bass was a weak point, a bit overblown and diffuse. I actually liked the bass of the original... 
Best Electrostatic loudspeaker?
I third the apogees (former owner, circa 1995-98). 
JM Labs original utopia speakers
Am I nuts, but back around 1998-2002 I always felt the original JMLabs Utopias were awesome (I heard the plain Utopias and the Mezzos several times at dealers and the Stereophile NYC shows).Since then, when I heard the Be models and forward, somet... 
Where did you go after Harbeth?
I replaced my Harbeth SHL5s with Lahave Mela monitors, which are much more resolving but, like the Harbeths, have a natural non-fatiguing sound, but with a much more live, you-are-there quality, and just a lot more joy.Much better than Joseph Puls... 
Psvane CV181-T in Dehavilland Ultraverve?
Actually, I just let them play a half hour before I heard what I heard. A day later they sound just as good so far. 
Psvane CV181-T in Dehavilland Ultraverve?
I use and Apex Pinnacle as a preamp and headphone amp.Actually, I just replaced the Sophias which I liked for their even-handed sound with fine low bass and highs, but, when I put in the (new in box) Psvanes, I immediate liked them much better, wi... 
Psvane CV181-T in Dehavilland Ultraverve?
I don't know about your amp, but I went thru a lot of 6ns7s, vintage and new production (all the big NOS and other names) and the Psvane is my pick of the litter, w/ wonderful fleshed out mids, having all the best qualities that distinguish tubes ...