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Quad 9L vs Aktimate Micro
I have the Quad 9L and have moved on to the 12L because I was so pleased by the 9Ls. The 12Ls are really nice as my computer speakers, and you can get a very good price used, as they seem to show up a lot. So I would check out a used pair of 12Ls.... 
Any opinions on the AMR Digital Processor 777 Dac?
Hey Audioezra, you said "I have owned the 1st msb modified magnavov player by Mark S Brassfield."I had one of these also! I had my Magnavox (565? no remote...)player modded by Mark back in 1987 and first saw the promise of digital. I remember Ster... 
Beatles Toshiba-EMI import of Capitol Vol. 1
How is it better than either the original release of these CDs (in 2004 I believe) or the 2009 box set? Thank you. 
Min room size for Wilson Audio Sophia or WP8
Strangely, I found that the Watt Puppies I had did not need a lot of room front to back. They do not boom in the bass, which is very well controlled (and just plain good).I did use a Pass X350 amp. 
Will An Attenuator Help Reduce This Hiss?
If you want to buy my Rothwells or Godenjacks, SE or XLRs,I can post them for sale on Audiogon. They're sitting in a drawer. They do reduce the gain, though. 
Will An Attenuator Help Reduce This Hiss?
Those attenuators you mention ruin the sound (at least they did for me when I tried to reduce the gain between either my source and preamp or between the preamp and amp). They sound like an extra preamp in the chain, taking the life out of things ... 
Accuphase preamps
Try and get one (I think they still may have them) with an Alps RK50 volume control (potentiometer). 
Which monitor speaker to choose??
La Have Melas.I've had mine for about 8 months and I'm still amazed at them, especially all aspects of the tonality, which is extremely natural. I do a lot of headphone listening, and I always compare speakers to the precision and intimacy of head... 
Reference 3A Grand Veena vs DeVore Nines: RoomSize
So what do you like about the Grand Veenas? Thanks. 
Best tube preamp ever
A little off-topic here, but what kind of attenuators are used in these high end preamps? Are they mostly stepped ones?What brands? (Alps, Dact, TKD, Panasonic, others?) 
PS Audio PerfectWave DAC Upgrade
What voltage level comes out of the PWD's analog outputs (both XLR and RCA)? Thank you. 
DAC w/ low-voltage XLR analog outputs for EMM XDS1
Thank Almarg. I tried the Rothwells (both XLR and RCA versions) and the Goldenjacks, but they did not work out. While they did solve the gain problem, they made the midrange very irritating and muffled the bass like it was underwater. If anyone wa... 
DAC w/ low-voltage XLR analog outputs for EMM XDS1
Thank you. Is anyone familiar with the Antelope Zodiac DACs? 
Bad CDP but good transport?
Syntax, is that the XDS1 you have?Somehow the XDS1 coaxes some magic out of disks I thought were so hideously mastered I almost tossed them (but the hoarder in me made me hold on to them). The XDS1 has a Midas touch and spins them into gold. 
Any hope for SACD?
And just to rant some more, the use of SACD really distances high-end sound from MP3, light years away to my ears. So if the manufacturers want to expand interest in high end sound, they should support this. Is Dave Wilson or anyone else out there...