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McIntosh MA-7000 vs. MA-2275
Glen - I second your opinion. I had a 6900 and switched to the 2275. Much better sound with tubes. I run it into Spendor SP100's. 
SME V arm: dynamic VTF or straight weight
I've talked with the SME people who say they cannot hear a difference. Maybe their hearing is not as acute as some on this forum........ 
Need Mcintosh Pro advice Vintage Tube AMP
I think McIntosh is coming out with a limited run of MC75 amps with C22 pre-amps packaged together for somewhere around 15K. Nice if you have the coin. 
A question for Graham owners
Yes Syntax, you are correct. Grooves is MF. Curio - I and many others posting here would agree - the Phantom is worth the difference in price from the 2.2 
A question for Graham owners
Curio - Depends on what your criteria are for a "good sonic deal". You may be quite happy with the 2.2, especially if you don't hear the Phantom in your system. But as others above have stated, the Phantom easily surpasses the 2.2. We can't decide... 
Audio Research Tube AMP Reliability
Yes, Amperex. Some marked 'USA' and many marked PQ. 
Audio Research Tube AMP Reliability
I have a big stash of 7119's - enough to last my lifetime. 
Audio Research Tube AMP Reliability
Years ago, I owned a D-250 Servo. After a few months, with not that many hours on the stock ARC 'selected' tubes, a loud dramatic explosion occurred with smoke, etc. I had to send "Big Bertha" back to Minnesota for repairs. When it returned, I sol... 
Heard McIntosh 275 For The First Time.
Ryder - You seem more concerned about moving the amp rather than listening to it. Common sense should apply here. When lifting (carrying) the amp, keep the transformers closest to your body - your center of gravity, with your hands on either side.... 
Heard McIntosh 275 For The First Time.
Welcome to Mac World.Yes the 275 is hefty, but unless you going to use it as a boat anchor or move it around the house all the time, you shouldn't worry about its weight. Yes, with frequent handling, one can manage to rub off the print on the chas... 
6H30 tubes ringing in BAT VK-300SE
Suggest you e-mail Victor at BAT and see what he thinks of your situation. 
Buy tubes from Audio Research or not
Interesting how this thread started as a question of whether to buy tubes from ARC or an independent dealer, and is seemingly ending as a Kevin Bash Fest.FWIW, I have always had good experiences dealing with Mr. Deal. He is extremely knowledgeable... 
Improving your BAT 150SE
Rafael - What are these other caps in the LA300ME of which you speak? Thanks. 
Improving your BAT 150SE
Following Dave's advice, I did all 3 mods to my 150SE amps - TFTF V-Caps, input wiring, and rectifiers. Each step made a significant improvement. The easiest to do is the cap change, next the input wiring, then changing the rectifiers. The great b... 
dynaco st120 amps
I also built one of Bob's ST-120 kits. It's the best kit I've every built. The directions are extremely well done, with great helpful pictures. With minimal soldering skills anyone can complete it easily. Best of all, the sound is great. Highly re...