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What I did to my Magnepan MG12's and I'm doing with my new 1.7's
@rodman99999 Yes, I still have the shipping materials. If we ever went with this, it'd have to be at a time where I plan some travel, so that I don't miss the music.I've shipped Maggies before. It's a hassle, but can be done.Can you PM me, or has ... 
What I did to my Magnepan MG12's and I'm doing with my new 1.7's
@rodman99999 Eastern N.C., USA 
What I did to my Magnepan MG12's and I'm doing with my new 1.7's
Yeah, I have a question: Who can I get to do this for me?I'm not inclined toward soldering irons and wiring. Heck, I don't even change the oil in my car, not that I'd know how.Someone could make a nice small business out of doing these mods. 
Why Audiophiles need cats .. watch short video
Actually, that reminds me of something my late father did.He wanted to run stereo cable under the house, but didn't enjoy the idea of mucking around in the crawl space. He rigged up one of his small dogs with a pull line, had my mother hold the do... 
Which computer for digitizing and streaming?
I'd go with a Mac Mini. Matter of fact, I did. You could go with a Windows-based platform, but I think you'd spend a lot of time trying to squeeze performance out of it, and to figure out what went wrong. A dedicated Mac is just much easier and le... 
Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?
I don't know, infection, I'm rather enjoying it. :) 
Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?
Mofi (and for others who might be interested...)Yes, that worked. I favorited the list while in Chrome, closed Chrome, and then fired up the Tidal app and it worked just fine. Thanks. By the way, I hear a big sonic difference between Chrome and th... 
Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?
Thanks, Mofi. I'll give that a try. I'm about 54 in right now on Chrome. It helped me get through field-stripping a turkey for stock. 
Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?
Hey, Mofi --I'm trying to call up your playlist via the Tidal app on my Mac Mini. Can't find it.I've searched on "Mofimadness Master Mix" to no avail, and have also tried to key in the part of the URL that might point to it, but no joy.Can you tel... 
Your Favorite TIDAL Playlists?
Thanks for kicking off the suggestions, Mofi.  That looks like a great list!  A real walk down memory lane. And it's always good to revisit Alan Parsons... I'm going to spin up that playlist while making dinner tonight.I think I'm going to get to ... 
It can be nerve-wracking, but shipping isn't usually an issue. How do you think they get to the dealers in the first place?I used AAA Cooper, as their terminal was closest to home. The old 2.2/R went out to Minnesota for refurbishing and back home... 
Review: Merrill Audio Taranis Amplifier
Ricred1, I'd have to agree with Guido that moving from the CS2 to the Veritas might not be your best choice. As with all such things, though, it does come down to a matter of preference.I had the Veritas monoblocks in-house for a number of weeks, ... 
The Hifi Trajectory Of Class D Amplifiers
+1, Mapman 
Anyone interested in world music?
For an interesting combination, try Afro Celt Sound System, on Peter Gabriel's World Music label.Recommended is Vol. 2 "Release" 
Anyone love TIDAL lossless streaming like I do?
I feel so cheated... Only 96 tracks on that playlist. 😪Actually, it's a good set. Many of the tracks are in my regular rotation, but many new-to-me cuts as well.Thanks for the pointer.