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What readily available LP's should I consider
I also own the new model Tri-Planar arm. It's fantastic. It tracks like nobodys business. How did you decide on your table? Mine is an Avid, which I also like very much. Cartridge? I've got a Lyra Helicon. 
Rogue Audio M-120 vs M-150
I own the 150's and what Mark says is all true. They run much cooler than the 120's and have significantly greater detail. And the very good cost/quality ratio still applys. 
Best Sounding LPs
The best sounding jazz-pop lp, which I use as a reference, is Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly." I have the Quiex-2 version. Terrific.Jazz - Coltrane's Blue Train on 45rpm. 
Drums reproduction
Mhu - What you suggest can be true, sometimes. But, as an example, of which there are countless, I played a Red Rodney/Ira Sullivan lp from the 80's called Sprint. The drums are so quiet it seems like their confined inside a bubble. It's so unlike... 
Drums reproduction
Onhwy61 - I've used Cobham, etc. as extreme examples of drummers who "lead" their bands. But, as is the case with someone like Elvin Jones, with Coltrane and McCoy Tyner in the band at one time, Elvin was not the "lead" player. But he was dominant... 
Drums reproduction
So, do you mean producers purposely turn down the drums with the expectation that people's systems can't handle it? What about the symbols, intricate high-hat work, or the poor drummer that's doing a quieter piece? I believe he loses impact becaus... 
Sahuaro Plateau vs. Ensemble Megaflux
Guess what? I actually meant Sonoran Cables instead of Sahuaro. I guess it's because I went to Arizona State University years ago that I made the mental error. I do mean Sonoran Plateau vs. Ensemble Megaflux speaker cables. Thanks 
OK...I'm getting ready to buy a new Phono pre amp.
I would consider an Art Audio Vinyl One with volume pot to avoid a preamp altogether. I recently received a Vinyl One. It is extremely quiet and all the positive sonic cliches apply. Overall, it sounds better than running it through my CJ preamp. ... 
Hagerman Trumpet vs. Aesthetix Rhea
I thought I'd throw this question up top again in case anyone may have missed it. Any CES folks have a chance to hear both? 
Arm/cartridge for Avid Volvere
My combination of a Volvare, Tri-Planar arm and Lyra Helicon cartridge sounds incredible out of the box. The combination is not overly analytical. What a combo. I know the Tri-Planar is a pricy arm but Holy Cow. I just played Zappa's Peaches and R... 
Heard Von Schweikert DB-100's?
Way to go! I've changed out most of my front end stuff but the DB-100's aren't going anywhere. They're great. Give them 200 hours of break-in time. 
Replacing stock tonearm cable
BTW, I discovered the Tri-Planar tonearm cable is Cardas. Thanks. 
Replacing stock tonearm cable
Thanks, guys. By the way, anyone heard a Zeus? The 150 monoblocks I'm getting mimic the circuitry of the Zeus. 
Replacing stock tonearm cable
Timo - Actually every purchase is a "try it and hear". I am just looking for educated opinions based on experience. The buyer is always the final determining factor. I sometimes get frustrated, though, that hi-fi isn't finite enough. I really enjo... 
If you were to carry a tube product line?
Rogue Audio. Quality tube audio with owners that are approachable and caring.Their greed quotient is low, also. I believe their Zeus and 150 Monoblocks would easily sell for one-half to one-third more by most other companies. Same goes for the res...