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Who is your overall favorite guitarist?
John McLaughlin. Larry Coryell. Sonny Sharrock. Pat Martino. Chops aren't everything, but Johnny M wins out. 
opinions on modern horn speakers
Von Schweikert has offered an alternative to the horn market with their DB-100's, which are 100-db efficient. They are paired with twin 600 watt SS woofers. I have 300 hours on them so far and I think they are terrific. Extremely dynamic with the ... 
Who are the Jazz Cats on Audiogon?
Oh yeah, A Love Supreme played during my entire wedding ceremony. Great wife, huh? 
Who are the Jazz Cats on Audiogon?
I've been a hardcore jazz fan for 30 years but am still learning every day. For me, it all started during the fusion period in the early 70's with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, The 11th House, and Tony Williams. I lived in Chicago so I had an opportun... 
Best Integrated amp for under 4k
I am very pleased with my Rogue Tempest Magnum at 42 watts in triode. Matched with my Von Schweikert 100db speakers, the Rogue has more than enough power. It is also very clean looking and the remote is minimal (just volume)and solid. The Rogue ow... 
what speakers for 40 watt triode?
Seriously consider the Von Schweikert DB-100's. They are 100db efficient with an added solid state driven woofer. I push them with a Rogue Magnum Tempest at 42 watts in triode and the match is terrific. More than enough power. 
Heard Von Schweikert DB-100's?
Slingshot - I've got 175 hrs. on my DB-100's. I think they sound great and they're still breaking in. All the adjectives; transparency, imaging, soundstaging are right there in bunches. The integrated solid state woofer adds a richness that blends... 
Opinions on Antique Sound Lab "Tulip"
The tubes are 2A3's. Thanks. What are their characteristics? 
Best set-up for up to 9k retail?
Tim - the above means I've got a great used record store near me. 
Best set-up for up to 9k retail?
used record store near me. It seems really scattered how the record companies decide to put out new 180 gm pressings. I wonder how they decide? 
Best set-up for up to 9k retail?
This is tongue in cheek .... but how about my questions? It is interesting following your discourse. My feeling is if someone doesn't comment on or endorse something they own or have heard they are coming from a position of ignorance. Critiques, e... 
Best set-up for up to 9k retail?
Thanks for your responses.Stenersr - I've only had my Nottingham set-up and I like it very much. Finances dictate that I hold off on upgrades but I enjoy doing my homework.For what it's worth, I'm the type of person who enjoys pursuing esoterica i... 
What's your profession? Age?
I'm a chef/instructor at a culinary school and do catering. My system is approaching 21K. I've never considered myself an addictive personality until I entered audio. 
High efficiency speakers vs Low, pros and cons
Thanks, everyone, for your responses so far. It seems that I've opened Pandora's Box a crack. Matchstickman - My 100 DB's are 8 ohms nominal and 10 ohms max. They are also 100db at 1 watt at 1 meter, in room.My amp is a Rogue Push/pull KT88 Tube a... 
Triode vs. Ultra-Linear vs. SET
Thank You, everyone for your great responses.Clueless - I'm a reading fool! Nothing like a compulsive personality directed in the right areas. But, you know, a little knowledge can be dangerous.Thankfully, I do have some face-to-face help from a v...