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Affordable vs. ultra expensive speakers - what's the difference?
Spend big money for that last 2% of sound quality or a really really BIG ROOM  
KEF Blade 2
Here's the English version review on the Kef Reference 5 Meta  https://www.lbtechreviews.com/test/speakers/kef-reference-5-meta  
KEF Blade 2
Kef Blade One Meta mini review https://youtube.com/watch?v=6wBop062rAw  
Magico A1 vs KEF Reference 1 (META) vs KEF LS50 + KEF KC62
Listen to the JBL 4349's with the Accuphase E-5000 too  
Totally overwhelmed (speakers under $5k)
Magnepan 1.7i or 3.7i with a Accuphase E-5000 and your done !  Best Kept Secret    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gPLf7A-PqxQ&t=853s  
You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Grandinote MACH Loudspeakers and Gear and Cables  A Grandinote system gets you closest to a Live Concert in your house  Even their lower entry level Grandinote MACH 2P's are some of the world's best standmount speakers at any price    
High Fidelity Sound Speaker
Here you go 🤔  https://www.bentezh.com  
What comes after Harbeth 30.1s?
Grandinote Mach 2R  
Best Integrated that you've heard under $5k
New Kora High Fidelity TB140 at any price  
World's Best Speakers For 2021 ?
New Grandinote Mach speakers are one of the world's best too  If I had the money I would get some Grandinote Mach 18R's and never look back  
Does Time alignment and Phase coherency make for a better loudspeaker?
I think the new Grandinote Mach speakers are the best speakers on the market   
What's your dream speaker?
New Grandinote Mach 18R's   Kora High Fidelity TB400  Elpispandora Cables  
All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...
Some feedback 😎   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU_SBPWmcBs  
Nordost Odin or Valhalla 2
Odin better  
Magico A5 or Sonus faber SERAFINO TRADITION or Harbeth 40.3 XD
I would listen to Gershman Acoustics Grand Avant Gardes too