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SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
@fastfreight I made the comment up the thread that the REL HT series does not have the high level inputs.  One has to go up the line to the REL T series to have that input option.      
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
Enjoy your Revels.  Changing speakers is like changing wives, always costs you 50%.  
BW 801 D4 or BW 802 D4 + 2 subs
Can you tell us about your listening room...size, furniture, acoustic treatments, type of floor?  
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
WOW.....congratulations!  High end B&W + high end REL should =  magic.  Please check back in after it's run in and let us know about your experience.  Enjoy the music & cheers!  
Focal Sopra 1 Bookshelves (with subs) or Focal Kanta 2s towers instead?
OP, good on you for sharing a pic of your setup.  Having said that, if your listening position is outside of the two channel speaker pair, the equipment will never offer you it's real capability.  Maybe look for a surround solution that will fill ... 
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
I do support the REL T/9x given your original posted budget.  When you go up the line, subs will generally dig deeper with clarity.  Good brands, up the line, will have better constructed drivers, more inert cabinets and more power.  You have exce... 
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
OP already has bass traps....good man!  RELs are favored by many for two channel listening.  They have a reputation of blending more seamlessly with the mains then other brands.  REL subs have a unique input that taps into the speaker output of th... 
Nad M33 or something better
+1 @jjss49  I was going to suggest checking out the Hegel integrated amps.  They have a very high damping factor which matters to some speakers esp. in bass reproduction.  Hegel is a relative good bang for the buck.  Not sure how many hours you ha... 
Focal Sopra 1 Bookshelves (with subs) or Focal Kanta 2s towers instead?
Wow, great choices!  I think I might be able to help here but I have two questions.  1-Which is your front wall (behind the speakers) long or short wall? 2-What type of music will be your primary focus?  
SVS or REVEL Subwoofer
I think many of the responders didn't fully read your query.  Your room is small and stuffing in two subs is going to be challenging.  I have two SVS SB4000 in my H/T room and they sound great for H/T but it's a much larger room.  The SVS subs are... 
Bluesound recent update 4.0 tanked sound quality ???
Problem Solved In my two channel room I was running the Node digital out into my Hegel integrated where the Hegel's DAC was doing the conversion.  In the Node settings there is an option to turn on "MQA external DAC"  While streaming NON MQA Qobu... 
How to make the Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers sing?
+1 to the OP for the detailed question!  I have a good deal of experience with Focal.  They can sound quite good, very lively, in a properly treated room.  One thing that is too often overlooked is the point of reflection off the ceiling.  Untreat... 
Sonas Faber OLYMPICA versions
I can't speak to the past versions of the Olympicas but I did an extensive demo with the Nova 3s and a Hegel H390.  I thought the pairing was excellent.  The Nova presentation was a tad too warm for me so I ultimately went in a different direction... 
Sopra No 2's or other alternatives?
I own and enjoy my Sopra No2s. The top end is definitely lively and the tone will be unkind in an untreated room. I treated the ceiling and the sound came together very nicely. That point of reflection was the primary source of the overabundant to... 
Question: What are some of your best pieces of advise to someone new to the hobby?
Tell him to ignore tech specs, they mean nothing.  Listen to as much as possible and buy what you like.