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Law Of Diminishing Returns?
+1 for @russ69  
Subwoofer Choice
I own Sopra No2s   Congrats on the purchase of the No3s.  I have a fully treated room w/ bass traps and a JL F112v2.  I find that the Sopra's alone do a great job with a good recording.  If the recording is thin I'll activate the sub to correct ... 
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
I'm not really sure how the THD discussion has much to do with getting suggestions for improving imaging?  The OP neglected to tell us what electronics and source in being used so let's assume they are in the same class as the LS50s.  First, with ... 
Gary Rossington RIP
Perhaps one of the most genuine compliments that a musician can be paid is that they were authentic.  Gary was authentic and will be missed my me.  RIP  
Female vocalist recommendations
Susan Tedeschi has a great voice IMO. Two other women are worth mentioning tough they are not light listening:  Amy Lee (Evanescence)  Lizzy Hale (Halestorm)  
Is R.E.M. underrated by new music nerds?
Sad to see how this thread deteriorated from the OP's premise.  Music means so much to so many, It warms my heart to hear that REM made a connection to you that helped you through hard times.  That is what the best of music is about. Be your own m... 
Placement of subwoofers
@dcpillai You have a very nice rig and have invested quite a few $$$.  This being the case, spending a little more on bass traps makes sense.  Adding the traps will do two key things.  It will give you much more flexibility in placing the subs.  A... 
The problem with absorption panels- it kills the fine details
Let's get right to the point here.  OP why didn't you offer a pic of the room you're trying to optimize?  That would have been helpful and much more productive.  Here are two things to keep in mind that are mostly universally accepted:  1-you can ... 
Best sounding low power (under 80watts) Class AB amp?
I would look into Naim  
Favourite Guitarists
Fun thread, thx OP @tony1954 Did anyone mention Robert Johnson???  
Wilson to Tekton to ????
@secretguy Clearly the next logical step is Bose. LMAO  
Hegel H160 and Focal Electra 1008Be sounding bass-less
I think that the responders have given you some great info.  I don't know if it was mentioned but running in the speakers will help too.  Don't forget that the speakers that you demoed were likely fully run in.  Speaker placement is everything.  I... 
RIP Christine McVie
I miss the Songbird already.  When Stevie Nicks joined Fleetwood Mac one would think that Stevie and Christine would be rivals.  Christine was a class act and took Stevie under her wing (literally as they lived together) and mentored her.  I under... 
Flat Screen Television behind speakers
My experience is that that the TV is reflective and will smear the sound.  As others have mentioned a blanket over the TV is a good idea but I would recommend this:  Get a custom blanket with a picture of your significant other on it.  Bank the go... 
How much is about the recording
Good music is such a joyous experience when it's well recorded/engineered.  At the same time when good music like Eric Clapton's classic Layla is poorly recorded it makes me cringe.  Recording and engineering is such an art.  I would recommend an ...