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Yes it would   
I have found out why new cables and tweaks actually work!
I never needed to clean as the cables swaps made a huge difference.  
Has anyone tried the new Synergistic Research UEF Performance Enhancer - Ethernet Filter?
Good thing you clarified   
The difference between an Audiophile and a Stereophile?
There is no difference, they are both philes.  
Just received my B&W 802's: One tweeter doesn't work - HELP!
Just order a new tweeter and install it yourself   
Using battery power to go off the City's power grid
It’s a nice!  
preamplifier after preamplifier?
You just need a postamplifier and you are all dome  
Is Rap a valid musical form?
Even farting is a valid musical form for those who like it  
Advice needed on power cables, wall warts, conditioning, electrical outlet
In my previous system this was a night and day difference and a must to be at least listenable. The twitter was so bright and over accentuating everything that it sounded like knife sharpening. The sibilants were ear piercing. At that time I lived... 
Need help choosing a new DAC
Normally if the DAC is sealed in its original box, it will be new.  
I had a few drinks and bought some speakers
It depends on your taste. If you like them then you are good. If you don’t, keep drinking, eventually they will start sounding good. I had mine for 3 years and got tired of their brightness and hyper-space detail and eventually sold them and order... 
PSA: Be Careful Dealing With Uptone Audio
Thanks so much for your in-depth explanation and thanks for sharing your experience. I will make sure I will never deal with this company. 
Review Audioquest Hurricane (part 2)
Thanks a lot! This is exactly what I am looking for.thx! 
Review Audioquest Hurricane (part 2)
Thanks for your review. How is the Audioquest hurricane with sibilance? Thanks. 
Sibilance how do I get rid of it?
 I fixed my sibilance (that was not too bad to begin with) with an electrician. I had him pull a dedicated 12 awg and install an Audioquest Edison plug. That right there made a huge difference, sibilance was about 80% gone. My next step was gettin...