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Denafrips Pontus 2 Price increases
No need to worry about china fi. Save and buy American   
Speaker Cable Recommendation
If Nordos is thin and you are looking for thicker cables Cardas makes super thick ones  
Bowers & Wilkins 801D4 Signature
It is critical to know whose signature. If it’s MJ’s signature then by all means go for it.  
How to make the Focal Kanta No. 2 speakers sing?
It’s the tweeter. I had the Sopras 2 and they bled my ears till I sold them  
Benchmark or McIntosh....
7x21”= over 12’. Dude has over 12’ of subwoofers!  
Where can you read reviews from the recent Toronto Audiofest held this past weekend?
The burger was amazing. The beer made it sound better.  That is my review.  
Integrated Amp ideas for a very young audiophile
Musical Fidelity m6si  
any current integrated amps in market have great dacs?
DA2 from Mcintosh is not bad  
MJ Acoustics.
I didn’t know Michael Jordan was into acoustics   
Sopra No 2's or other alternatives?
@ozzy62 - I feel great. My ears don’t bleed anymore. :)  
Streamer Operating System Storage: SSD vs EEPROM?
They use apron not eprom  
Sopra No 2's or other alternatives?
Oh lord, a bit bright? I had them for 3.5 years, they shredded my ears daily. They threw knives at me, but they sharpened them first with their vomit inducing sibilants. Have I ever heard all the “SSSSSSS” and “SSSHHHHH” in my life? No! I heard th... 
XLR cables for a reasonable price?
Cardas Parsec  
Speaker Recommendations
ATC 11/19  
Why would someone feel the need to comment unpleasant things on sale posts
People feel different things. Some feel the need to help out. Others feel the need to bomb. Some feel the need to put you down. If you are easily offended by what people feel, the solution is easy. Go to the Home Depot and buy a helmet.