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Do Your Speakers have LEVEL CONTROLS or EQUALIZERS? (Vintage or Modern) ???
Mine don’t   
How tall do you like your images?
I like my image 6’-2” tall.  
How Do Amps Affect Soundstage?
For example, if you put an amp in the middle of the soundstage you could trip over it. That is one way how an amp affects the soundstage.  
Happen to you? Gear chasing because the fundamentals were wrong.
I have dirty power in my area and it took some time to find this out and clean it up.  
Heavy duty amp stand, Sonic benefits?
I have a 24x48 and 3” thick solid maple audio platform. It has 5” coasters. I didn’t notice any improvements when I first got it but it sure looks nice  
Is simpler better?
For me KISS is always the best.  
Tube Preamp, uses 6sn7/6sl7. With or Without Phono; With or Without Remote Volume,
Active ATC vs Spendor / Pass Labs
I have the following: ATC SCM150 passive ATC SCM20 passive ATC SCM50 active all of them can be played at any level and they play equally well at quiet or loud or anything in between.    
Budget preamp with quality volume control
I have experience with LISST it sounds good a little flatter than tubes but still good. If you don’t want to fiddle with tubes there is Freya S it has the same volume control as Freya+.  
Can an audio rack be that important?
Budget preamp with quality volume control
Why do speakers improve with more powerful amps?
Let’s take a look. You have an MC611 and a 1.25. Their sound signature is quite similar but the dynamics, bass and everything else imaginable to your ears is galaxies better with the 1.25. While I don’t know the technical reasons why, I know for a... 
Best quality connection from Network Streamer (BluSound Node II) to Preamp (MC C2700)
So you spent 10k on a preamp and 500 on a streamer. Before worrying about the quality of the connection I would for sure upgrade the streamer.  
Audio Art Statement cables
So if you are enjoying a full loom of the cables why do you care of others’ opinions? I get it if you don’t have the cables, but you do, so just listen to them and you have already mentioned that they are nice anyways  
How Long Is Too Long?
My ex said 9” was too long