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432 EVO
@jerryg123  100% agree Sense is worlds better than Roon on a Statement and keeps sounding better with improvements. And there is no fee.  Lifetime subscription included.      
Best DACs under $7,000.00
@skinzy  If you haven't, try the Gaia with the Phoenix on your main system with I2S it is better than USB.  If you use the clock out with the Gaia and TPlus it is even better. I have a Statement, Iris and TPlus.  The quality of the HDMI, USB and... 
Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade
Gotcha, 2.2.1 now, Thanks  
Innuos 2.1.0 upgrade
I have been on 2.2 for a while  
Best DACs under $7,000.00
Using the Terminators clock out will take your Iris to another level.  Look for a used TP and use the savings to upgrade the Power cables, I2S cable and USB cable and Clock cables for the Iris.    
Where to invest the most in the "digital chain"?
Since your streaming, look at the weak points of streaming before changing DAC’s or room treatments.  The SOtM cable 7u is great.  Adding an EtherRegen (needs an LPS and better yet a Master-clock also) to use as a “moat” and using the 7u between i... 
Ethernet - Analog/Digital Signal Clean Up
I have the 8Switch and ER and a SOtM switch. I have the 8Switch between the home router and ER (turned around) to moat the signal to the SOtM.  I found a SOtM dcbCat7u better between the SOtM switch and my streamer than the ENO Ag in the same pos... 
Cheapest way to enhance SQ with digital streaming
I tried fiber and initially like it for the clarity but later realized it was for lack of low end presence. I tried several SFP's and fiber cables between an EtherRegen and SOtM switch both clocked with a Muted Ref10.   Each SFP had a different ... 
Which Ethernet filter?
The CAT7u was better then the ENO Ag between a SOtM switch and Innuos Statement.  I have not heard the Muon.  
A rookie with 10K, seeking advise
+1 for @charles1dad  Dedicated lines for Amps, Digital and Analog. Separate Power conditioner each for Digital and Analog lines. Quality cables.  Typically $700 to $1000 each. Start saving again.  
Streamer creates a Wow experience
@arafiq I agree 1000% with you about the Innuos Sense sounding better than Roon.  The difference is not subtle. You forgot to mention unlike Roon there is no fee, you just need to own an Innuos Streamer. If you can't live without Roon the Innuos... 
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
@viethluu Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa - I meant to reference @auroravengeance who stated  @arafiq  the Aquarius is basically a clone of Denafrips Terminator. Musician is an original brand created by the company that develops and manufactures Denafrips s... 
Roon Core Server Player
Doug,  I am surprised you find Experimental Mode with Roon better than Innuos Sense.  As soon as I heard Innuos Sense I stopped using Roon with Experiment Mode. There is a general opinion that Sense sounds better than Roon.  You might download th... 
musician aquarius r2r dac any good?
@viethluu I think you are incorrect on the Musician Aquarius using better parts than the Denafrips Terminator.  The Aquarius uses Femto Clocks the Terminator a very high quality OCXO  That's a bit difference in part quality.  There is no way a the... 
Which USB reclocker is as good as the Innuos Phoenix USB?
When I had a W4S MS1 Music Server I used their USB decrapifier and it helped but not as much as the ISORegen.  I also found using 2 ISORegens back go back being even better.  Sold the MS and bought an Innuos Statement and sold the W4S and ISORegen...