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Hint:  Change your Wi-Fi frequency to avoid interference with neighbors router
  Often said this.  One of the best diagnostic tools is to use a Wifi analyzer on your phone or PC or Mac.  They are free and in addition to signal strength let you see who else is sharing your channels. which is all fine and dandy to use and ... 
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
@steakster    and i have read where members get or suggest power conditioning and always wondered what it would do if i added it, and can never get a definite answer.   maybe nothing if there is no issue ?  
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
@steakster thank you for the info on that. i can say that i definitely don’t have any of that and  just have dedicated lines and no power conditioning   
New Dedicated Line - Almost No improvement
asking a question here as i have read the above issue several times on here.   when someone says they have noise, what exactly are they hearing ?   is the noise there when the system is on and no music playing?   i will wait for replies before... 
How to pm a member
@hilde45    We make a good team! :  ) i think the whole thing of this is ridiculous, regarding what words  you cant use when sending a pm to someone and i have gone around and around with tammy on this.             the reason is they are try... 
How to pm a member
@hilde45    If you want to send a link or email, spell things phonetically. So, if you have gmail, write something like, "you can electronically reach me at bobat geemail" and tell your recipient to convert it back to normal when they actually ... 
How to pm a member
unreal.   if you do pm a member, you can not do the following as the filter audiogon uses will block it:   can’t send links / or email address can’t use the word : phone, email, call  
Record dividers alphabetized one for each letter.
be creative :   diy record dividers - Google Search   DIY Kit [Do-it-Yourself] A to Z Black LP Vinyl Record Dividers [12-inch Tabbed Index 12in. Album Organizers / Organization A-Z Alphabetize Alphabet Alphabetical Cards 33 RPM 33rpm 33s (capc... 
Are CD lens cleaners (disks) B.S. or effective?
i find this question a little odd since you have said that you have been in the hobby for quite a while. I am sure that you have read comments from others over the years where members have given their input on these.?  
Building a 2-channel audio system using Bowers & Wilson 800D3 speakers
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Big difference between BAT 75 and 75se?
doing a google search using " Big difference between BAT 75 and 75se" i found the following info :   " The VK-75 is the replacement for the VK-60. It has more power than the VK-60 (75 watts per channel instead of 60). The VK-75SE (SE means Spec... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
@ozzy62    not directing this to you……and if this is the case , what difference does it make what format they listen to ?       not everyone is into putting together a mid fi to high end system.mp3 works just fine for them.             how doe... 
I am out of the loop for knowledge on high end auto music systems
@jusam    jjss49  You are correct.  I had been on here from near the start and did a deal with an abusive parasite (non-payment,etc.) and stayed away for some time and started again with a new user per the suggestion of a lady at Au... 
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
@ozzy62  I assume by hipsters he is referring to current younger generation, not real "hippies" from the 60s. and even if he was, what else are they supposed to listen to ?   something different?  
Why do hipsters prefer analog?
@chris_g    Hipsters started with vinyl records, then cassettes, then 8-tracks, then R2R.  Where will they stop?   so you are saying that everybody that listened to  vinyl, cassettes and 8 tracks, R2R, were all hipsters ?           what wer...