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Help me find this Blue Note compilation?
I'm pretty sure it was Moanin' because I just started playing GTA IV on Xbox360, which has a jazz radio station built into the game (among others), and Moanin' is on the playlist. When I heard it in the game, I was immediately taken back to the da... 
Help me find this Blue Note compilation?
Thanks. Close but no cigar. The album I'm after was released well before US3 Cantaloop and definitely contained Maiden Voyage. I'm not neccessarily looking to buy the album/CD, just looking for the track list. 
Mike Doughty Fans?
Big Soul Coughing fan here. I saw them multiple times, mostly at CB313 Gallery in NYC, once at Wetlands with Cibo Mato (great show), and waaaay back, in '93 or so, at Nell's, playing to a mostly empty room.Their live shows were always a sonic trea... 
pre-amp unacceptable noise level?
My Rowland 102 amp introduced a major hum into my setup. Turned out to be the cable TV. A Jensen Ground Loop Isolator fixed me right up. 
The phase button on my Rowland Capri is for...?
Agree with Macro 100%. I am only running the Capri and the Rowland 102...no phono, no PFC. My sole source is an Apple TV via Benchmark DAC1. I ignored everyone's warnings that the digital music would be the weak link. The sound is simply phoenomenal. 
The phase button on my Rowland Capri is for...?
Thanks everyone. I am officially giving up on caring about this! 
do cds sound better when transf via apple lossless
better than what? 
Loud Humming.
If you have HDTV from your cable co., the Jensen Ground Loop Isolator is the only isolator that provides enough bandwidth not to choke your signal. Other models will cause stuttering/pixelated video. 
Any experiences with a Diyeden Great March II?
Ugh. Problems with this DAC. The balanced Signal Cables arrived. When I use the balanced outs on the DAC to the balanced ins on my Rowland pre, I get about a -5db cut in volume as compared to using RCAs out. The sound via XLR also seems mushier an... 
XLRs = lower volume?
Seems like I might have a defective DAC. I'm getting a low hum at higher volumes with the balanced outputs. No hum via RCA. 
XLRs = lower volume?
Hmm.The DAC and preamp are as mentioned above. The amp is a Rowland 102. The source is an Apple TV, optical out to the DAC. Does that help? 
Any experiences with a Diyeden Great March II?
Well I got the Great March II. I'm still waiting for a pair of XLR ICs to make A/B testing possible between the GM and the Apple TV's DAC. But I have A/B'd between the Apple TV's HDMI out, going into my TV, then out to my preamp...not an ideal com... 
Best recordings to demonstrate soundstage?
Buena Vista Social Club. Nice and spacey. 
Seeking Warm Towers - under $1500.
Hi,I'm only replying because a.) I'm a relative newbie too, b.) my music is all digital, with a growing number of Apple lossless files (akin to FLAC), played through a DAC, and c.) my speakers are $1500 towers. They are B&W's latest, the 683s.... 
best artists in the last 15 years
Elbow. Elbow. Elbow. Did I mention Elbow?Also check out Spoon. Great productions.The Flaming Lips. (especially Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots)The Thrills.Ambulance LTD.Robert Glasper...the freshest sound to hit jazz in ages.Jose Gonzalez. I hesit...