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Hooverphonic anyone?
Hooverphonic is superb. Been a fan for years. And if you like them, check out...Mono - Life In MonoEsthero - Breath From AnotherSnooze - Man in the Machine (amazing!!)Hefner - ResidueAbraham - Blue for the MostBent - Programmed to LoveAnd no trip ... 
No Audiophiles in Hollywood
This is reaching, but in "Traffic", the assassin tells the corrupt general about his love of music. "I have B&W speakers" he says. :) 
The most haunting music you ever heard?
Another vote for Sufjan Stevens' "John Wayne Gacy, Jr.". Quite possibly the most moved I have ever been, in any direction, by any song ever. 
Subwoofer: How low should I go?
Is this to say that anyone who is merely tacking on a sub to an existing 2 channel setup is doing their system a disservice? I can only imagine the number of people who have simply plugged a sub in. 
Subwoofer: How low should I go?
Thanks for all the input. My local dealer has suggested a REL sub over a Velodyne. He said the Neutrik connection of the REL is preferred. He tried to explain about connecting it to the left speaker post on the amp. Am I crazy or does this seem wr... 
Jeff Rowland Capri preamp
Agree with Pause 100%.I would like to add that I used a 102 amp with a lesser pre (an Arcam Solo with internal amp, bypassed to the 102; dumb setup). The sound was nice, but perhaps a little too velvety. Highs were rolled off considerably and bass... 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
Did you by chance listen to just the Capri? Wondering what the sonic benefits of this mysterious new product might be. 
Any experiences with a Diyeden Great March II?
Well hopefully within a week or so, I'll be able to address my own query. I have just ordered the Great March II. 
It's 2008. Why aren't there better options ?
Exactly Shazam. I have no doubt that 8 separate boxes doing their respective thing can sound good together, but a guy can only have so many outlets!I should probably come clean and admit that since I wrote the original post I have taken the bait a... 
Any experiences with a Diyeden Great March II?
Thx. The Apple TV only has optical out. There is a USB port, but it doesn't output audio. 
Decco from Preachtree audio
Can anyone chime in on whether or not the Decco can be used strictly as a DAC into my existing preamp? I JUST bought a preamp, and a new amp for that matter, and have no interest bypassing either one. I am however, in the market for a DAC. I am dr... 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
I'm not compressing music anymore. I started my digital music collection in 1998, when I didn't know any better. Much of the collection was from those dark days. And I stupidly sold off most of my CDs, so re-ripping is not an option.On a side note... 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
Interesting. Thanks. Will keep my eye out for it.I got the Capri today. Paired with the 102, the sound is nothing short of magical. My sole source is an Apple TV with medium to high bitrate mp3s and AACs, and a smattering of Apple Lossless files. ... 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
In slightly less technical terms, YAY!Thanks Guido. 
Rowland Concerto integrated vs Rowland Capri & 102
Well PFC or no PFC, I went for a lightly used Rowland Capri. It just didn't make sense to lose money by selling the existing 102 amp. Now then, while I await shipment of the Capri, can anyone enlighten me as to what sonic improvements I might enjo...