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Purpose of white LED lights inside Wolcott amp.
I would recommend using a plastic screw driver as there might be voltages nearby and the metal may also induce a error in the adjustment as well. 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Larry are you leaning towards anything yet? 
question about these turntables
I want to thank all who have responded thus far. 
Sound Lab vs Magnepan 20.7
Larry I own M2's and have listened to the maggies at overture audio in deleware sometime ago; I thought they were very nice but the soundlab speaker does so much more in my opinion.I was always told a ESL speaker does not do bass well; but I have ... 
question about these turntables
I like the looks of all their tables, specs and prices look very reasonable as well.I found a few reviews that seemed favorable and the wife also seems to like it as well; so the wife acceptance factor is also a positive. 
question about these turntables
Mechans which turntable caught your eye? I kind of like theTROVATORE model. 
question about these turntables
I have some from my parents and I want to get back into playing my albums. I saw a few of these on ebay and the price was not bad at all.I like the vpi lineup but I don't know which table is better than the other for a 3k or less price point. 
Quality pre amps with home theater by-pass
I think Allnic now offers home theater bypass. 
omnidirectional sound
Mapman also I think Almarg would be good for technical input to go along with Ralph from atmasphere. 
Don't know what's wong with me
Good one Ralph 
Speakers to audition at AXPONA 2015
Milpai maybe the Nola contender falls in your price range; I see they get great reviews but I have never been able to listen to them. 
Speakers to audition at AXPONA 2015
Take a look at Nola if you get a chance; I just moved from Soundlab M2's to Nola KO's and really love how they perform. 
"Warm Sounding" Solid State Amplifiers
I always liked B&K,McCormack DNA series and Belles for sounding tube like to me.If you get a chance give them a listen if you can; what speakers are you driving? 
How to divide a budget between components
Are you planning to be buying new or used? 
Describe ube sound vs solid state
Thanks Ralph it was something I had believed as it is one of the most noticeable specs you see when looking at a solid state amp spec sheet.