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Describe ube sound vs solid state
Ralph when you do see a spec on an amplifier that does double power as resistance gets lower is that a sign of a better design? 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
Great Thread !!! 
Is your tube amp really a tube amp?
Good one wolf !!! 
Is my preamp useless?
I see a lot of good replies especially Ralph's from Atmasphere.Got any idea on how you are going to proceed slanski62? 
Is your tube amp really a tube amp?
I don't think Ralph(Atma-Sphere) uses solid state anywhere in his amps. 
"forward' vs "laid back" speakers
If you have a chance give the Nola KO a try ;I moved from Soundlab M2's to them and am very pleased.I run tubes but also put my Roland Model 6 Monoblocks on them and they sounded excellent with both.What amps are you going to be using or will you ... 
Electrostatic speakers and low volume resolution
Would you be considering moving to more efficient speaker; as I would think it would produce the results you are seeking? 
Do true audiophiles own Mcintosh gear
I listened to a pair of speakers in Akron,Ohio(quite tall and many drivers) but I don't remember the model number and thought they sounded nice but did not seem to compare to some other makers I have heard like Merlin, Dunlavy, and Thiel.I have al... 
Dunlavy SC IV extra tweeter felt?
Zd542 if that is the case then my scIII's had the felt only surrounding the driver and not actually attached to any part of it. 
Dunlavy SC IV extra tweeter felt?
I had sc III's and the felt was present on my speakers as well. 
Speaker Choice ?
I had dunlavy sc III's in a room a little smaller than that and I agree 100 percent that dunlavy 4,5, or 6's should work extremely well in your room.I ran tube amps with mine as well; audiovalve challenger 180 monoblocks and the sound was stunning... 
Rock and roll speakers?
That pair of snell c5's is what I would be looking at; I have a friend in Minnesota that owned a pair and only played classic rock music on them and I thought they always did a great job.I play the listed music as well and find my nola ko's and so... 
Floor Stander with Small Footprint 7K - 15K
jkmnop any speaker you are leaning toward? 
great dynamics at a med-low volume?
What does your budget and listening room look like? 
Tube life in preamp. Please help
I am running Audiovalve Challenger 180 monoblocks and Allnic L3000 pre amp and never leave them powered up 24/7.When I know I am going to be listening to music the system gets turned on a couple of hours before use even knowing both units have sta...