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Salk vs Daedalus Speakers
you are probally right Bob I was comparing used or demo pricing.I did see a pair of Ulysses on audiocircle for 11k if I remember right. 
Salk vs Daedalus Speakers
I bought a demo pair; I think price wise probally near the price of Daedalus Ulysses. 
New or Used Amplifier
any chance you are in Buffalo? 
Nola Viper Owners, Lend Me Your Amps
Hawk28 I just bought the KO's and will be running them with audiovalve challenger 180 mono's.Are you still running your vipers; if so what speaker cables are you using?I bought Nola blue thunder cables and have Transparent's Musicwave super to pla... 
New or Used Amplifier
Joe11554 do you have any good dealers? 
Salk vs Daedalus Speakers
I changed direction and went with Nola KO as I was able to get a great deal on them.They have just been installed and this weekend will be for listening; they have approx. 250 hours on them;if there are any KO owners reading this would you know if... 
New or Used Amplifier
are you doing 5.1 or a larger setup? 
New or Used Amplifier
I have different amps running my surround sound; I have tubes running main left and right and solid state running all the rest.I don't think the amps being different is a major concern but the center channel speaker matching the front left and rig... 
Speaker for Coincident Dragons Mk 2 ? Help.
Maybe the Nola Ko would fit for you. 
New or Used Amplifier
I would look at odyssey and emotiva amps for home theater applications. 
Soundlab speakers with sub woofers?
Mrmb when you were listening with the ma1 and ma2; did you hear a difference that would justify the extra cost of the ma2 over the ma1.I am a owner of M2's with tordial upgrade and impedance mods and was just curious about how the 2 of these amps ... 
Salk vs Daedalus Speakers
I just wanted to thank everyone for their feedback thus far.Regards,RLeff 
Speakers that turn your analytical mind off?
My Soundlab M2's seem to do it for me. 
do i change the preamp or the speakers?
Great help Al !!!! 
Your most disappointing purchase or audition?
I bought a pair of used ohm F's that sounded ok until you started to apply more power then the cone seemed to break into oscillation and really distort; this was when I first entered into audio in 1984ish and did not know this speaker was a rough ...