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Need Recommendations for a pair of Speakers around $1,000
I've used searchtempest for searching craigslist and I've used Offerup to search local sales.    Check the sensitivity of the speakers. the less sensitive a speaker is the more robust the amplifier you'll need. Forexample the KEF LS-50 has a sensi... 
Turn off or leave on?
Its my understanding that the expansion with heat followed by the contraction from cooling off causes metal fatigue in the solder forming cracks.    Leaving class A amps on 24/7 is expensive, hard on the electric bill and a fire hazard.   That's a... 
2nd systems- who’s got one?
I have a Bluesound Powernode 2021 with Canton Karat bookshelf speakers as a second system.  
2.5 Tower vs 2 Way Tower vs 2 Way Monitor
Some speakers sound better when set back from the front wall.  Generally acoustic suspension speakers sound better when set against the front wall.    The flexibility of positioning your speakers within the room is part of your requirement to " fi... 
Are Harbeth the only warm and euphonic speakers in town ?
re: audioman58 comment on Harbeth crossover parts GR Research did a video segment on the  crossover parts used in the Harbeth P3ESR.     However, the 40th anniversary version used better crossover parts.    
Electric cars will ruin late night listening?
a PS Audio noise harvester flashes a blue LED to burn off electrical noise.  The more the noise harvester flashes the more electrical noise is indicated.   Personally I think the PS Noise Harvester is over priced.   There must be more cost effecti... 
A post on AC Voltage Regulators - Why you might want one
I've been using the PS Audio Power Conditioner which cuts off power if the voltage drops to low.   https://www.psaudio.com/products/dectet-power-center/    
Please recommend speakers
FYI, rear ported speakers usually don't sound as good when placed up against the back wall.   Decades ago, before there were so many high powered amps, speakers were more sensitive.   Nowadays, with few exceptions, most speakers are ported and rat... 
When choosing new Speakers, what matters most to you?
speaker criteria 1. If your married then I'd say the Wife Acceptance Factor is your most important criteria.   2. the more sensitive the speaker is the less powerful amp you need.  Class D amplifiers generate more power with less heat.   3.  do... 
Best way to spend $1000 on used bookshelf speakers?
When shopping for used speakers I prefer speakers that have sealed enclosures -- because you never know what insects or rodents have crawled into the enclosure.   Also, typically sealed enclosure speakers can be set closer to the wall.    In my op... 
The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard
how about "The Impossible Dream" by Mitch Leigh  
how about BERYLLIUM?   https://www.disqus.social/2020/06/tekton-design-ulfberht-from-softdome-to.html 
Sonus Faber vs Wilson
The Wilsons do look "robotic".    They don't look like furniture that gives a room that warm comfortable feeling.     I can't imagine how they'd score on the  Wife Acceptance Factor test.    Keep the wife and the SF. 
System forclassical music
Check out the audio shows which are making a come back.      
Buying used vs new?
I've bought used gear The Music Room in Colorado, tmraudio.com, where a technician checks it over before they sell.   This is a reasonable compromise between savings and reliability.  Whereas I buy my integrated amplifiers new because I want newer...