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Thiel 2.2, whats a good amp for them?
Krell KAV 250a at least or if you can afford the FPB series that will be better. happy hunting 
good xlr cable
Audioquest Anaconda XLR is the best I've had so far on my Krell pre and amp. 
Sony SCD-777ES as a transport
I just sold my SCD-777ES but not due to it being a bad transport,I actually think it's good but not exceptional.I can say that it's the best CD player/transport that Sony has ever made not including the SCD-1, and yes better than XA-7ES. I sold my... 
Best disc on DVD for audio?
Try Kenny Loggins Live at Redwoods 
Interconnects for Linn Genki and LK 85's
I have a Genki myself and I'm using HT Prosilway IIs on it and it works great, it seems to bring out an open top end since I think is a slightly lacking on my setup with the Genki, the HT Prosilway IIs gives it flair. I believe you can get an HT P... 
Bi-Amping power amps
Hi I use to have my NHT 2.5i bi amplified with an NHT SA-2 subwoofer amp running the R and L lows and a KST-100 running the R & L highs and it worked out pretty good since the SA-2 has a crossover and volume adjustment therefore I can fine tun... 
Recmnded Hi End Spkr Cbles for Linn amp
I remember you gave me advice on not experimenting with outboard DACs on my Genki, I thank you for that. regarding cables for Linn, check out Analysis Plus Oval speaker cables, I like the way it sounded on mine at least. cheers Rmml 
Good matching DAC for a Linn Genki?
Thanks a lot Musikdok, I will certainly follow your advise. Rmml 
Theta vs. MSB vs. McCormack
This is just a follow up question on the same subject. Anybody have a suggestion on what DAC and digital cable to use that will match a Linn Genki CD player.