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Pass x250, Talon Khoruses , what now ?
Hi David, good for you for getting rid of the 300i, I love Krell myself but somehow I think you made the right choice on getting the Pass Labs amp for your Khorus speakers.Something tells me that the Pass and Talon Khorus will have a better synerg... 
DVD Players that Play DVD-Rs
My Toshiba SD-9200 plays almost everything as well. 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
I second Pbb with Thiel, one of the best customer service I've encountered.Another one worth mentioning is Audioquest. 
Digital Filter Needed for Assemblage DAC
If this is the part your looking for http://www-s.ti.com/sc/ds/df1704.pdfCheck out this site,http://focus.ti.com/docs/prod/productfolder.jhtml?genericPartNumber=DF1704click on the link "samples" on the left side maybe they can just send you what y... 
Krell KAV 250 A
This is just something to think about, you have a $15,000 speakers I suggest you sell the 300i and buy an FPB series amp (since you like the Krell sound, so do I mind you) and a very good tube preamp. Then you'll hear what your speakers can really... 
IC's for Electrocompaniet EMC1
I tried the Nordost quatrro fil, NBS Monitor 0, Synergistics Resolution Ref,Transparent Reference, Acoustic Zen Silver ref and a bunch of others on my EMC 1 over the years and I settled with the Siltech SQ-88B Gold SE. Of course YMMV depending on ... 
Tyler Ref Monitors vs. Dynaudio 1.3 MK11
I had the Tyler Ref monitors for a couple of months before I bought the Dynaudio 1.3 MK II's,they are both great speakers but I the think the Tyler ref monitors will sound better on tube amps,and Dynaudio 1.3 MK II's on solid state amps by a wide ... 
Any one else have this complaint?
Hi Tim, I used to own Thiel 3.6 speakers and believe me I know how it feels like when you have to change the speaker cables. Unfortunately I can't help you with physically doing it. In regards to putting the speakers back in place after you change... 
Preamp matching for Krell FPB amplifier
I used to own the KRC 3 but sold it for the Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE preamp for my FPB 200. Their is something about the SF and Krell combo that just sounds right,as in toe tapping with a smile in you face thinking "Damn this sounds good!", excuse... 
Something looks weird about this auctions?
He pulled out the dynaudio speakers because the original owner of the pictures from here in Audiogon emailed, here it is now,pulled out Dynaudio link  
Biggest Improvement Speaker Cable Or Interconnects
I agree, start with your source and work your way down, no sense in preserving a signal that's already been degraded or colored.On mine I found the best improvement when I changed the IC from CD to preamp. 
Suitable amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3?
I'm using an FPB 200 on my Dyn 3.0's,very fast and dynamic combo. A Krell fpb mono block I imagine would be awesome with your 3.3's. 
the best SF-Line 2 tubes are they the Sovtek 6922?
Try the Siemens 7308 (E188CC) on the two output tubes, you may like it, very extended top end, the Siemens CCa has better bass but not as extended. The Telefunken E88CC is also excelent but, less dramatic than the first two. This are just my obser... 
Surround Sound Processors SSP : I give up
I would go right to your last question, If your only choices for receivers are Marantz and Denon I would go with the Denon, 2 reasons better internal parts and power supply IMHO, but make sure you get one with the warranty as Denon did have some p... 
George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch Theatre
Follow this link, http://www.mkprofessional.com/pressrel_p2.html