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Toshiba 9200 or Sone 9000 for DVD HT
I have both units and with video the Sony tends to be slightly softer than the Toshiba,it doesn't mean the Sony is inferior just slightly different. It just defends on what you prefer. I like both units. 
Siltech Help please
I used to have the Siltech SQ-88B and it's a great cable and pretty much worth the price, but like anything, too much of it is also not good.As in it may sound a bit on a bright side if you use all silver specially on an all solid state equipments... 
Progressive scan ouput
Bufus is right, only on component video outputs. 
center and surrounds to match thiel cs3.6's
Listen to the Monitor Audio Silver Series speakers, they are both fast and dynamic speakers. 
Best Amplifier for Dynaudio Contour 3.3s?
Somebody wrote on an older thread on a similar question before that "Nothing drives Dynaudio's like Krell does, Nothing."I agree, I'm driving my Dynaudio Contour 3.0's with an FPB 200. 
under 2.5k subwoofer match for Dynaudio 3.0
I have the Dynaudio Contour speakers myself but the 3.0, Center and the 1.3 MKII for surrounds, anyway another sub to consider is the M&K MX-350 MKII, it's a quick sounding subwoofer that also works for 2 channel listening. 
Cables for Krell,Thiel and Sony System?
NBS Monitor series works great with krells,thehigher in the line the better. 
Cars. What does the typical audiophile drive?
1.Acura Integra2.Acura Integra3.hmmm, this baby ;-) 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I just asked Mick for an extra XLR output on my preamp, he said he will charged an extra $50 because it's more work than a regular RCA output. To me the $50 bucks is pretty much worth it.I can't wait 'till it's done. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I just got reply from Mick and he will not be adding the pass thru on mine. He also said the job sheet has been done-dropped on my unit so now all I need to do is patiently wait.Bwhite and Slowhand, I just wanted to thank you guys for all the info... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Bwhite, again thanks for the advice, hopefully Mick will not be upset with me for cancelling the pass thru.With the remote control, Mick said that he is still not sure which remote he will use due to the fact that he was not happy with the last on... 
Preamp Deal of the Century
Thanks a lot for the info Bwhite, I will email Mick and cancel the pass thru modification.If I remember correctly I read on another thread that you used to have an EMC-1, how does it sound with the Supratek?thanks again, 
Preamp Deal of the Century
The HT pass thru is good if you want to combine a home theater set-up with your two channel stereo. When you activate it the preamp gives up the volume control to the HT processor. 
Preamp Deal of the Century
I'm sold!I just ordered a Supratek Chardoney and now the problem is the waiting part. I ordered mine with the a Home Theater pass thru and a remote. Thanks for the info Bwhite and Slowhand. 
power cords and krell amps any suggestions?
I second the recomendation of Shunyata PC on Krells, I'm using a Shunyata Mojave on my FPB 200 and it just sounds right. The FIM Gold and ESP essence are also great on Krells.