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speaker problem
Consider checking the tubes on your preamp by switching them over from right to left and vice versa and check if the noise transfers to the other speaker. goodluck 
Tyler Acoustic Reference Monitor, what amp? sub?
It looks like most people are using a solid state amp on them,and Doug99 thank you for the link on the Titan, I will check it out.With the stands I'm still trying to decide if I want to get the stands from Tyler or get the Osiris stands on closeou... 
How To Burn CD's So It Will Play In Sony DVPS9000?
I'm using an NTI CD maker to burn MP3 files to a CDRW on my Plexwriter 12/10/32S to play on my S9000ES. I never had any luck using a CDR to play on my S9000ES and I tried quite a few. 
Question about different tubes
With using European tubes on your BAT preamp I would ask Kevin Deal or other Bat gear owners, as if I remember correctly, BAT gears maybe too much for European tubes, what I mean is they may not last long. It's also worth trying to audition other ... 
Best power cord to use with a Krell preamp.
I used to have a Krell KRC 3 and I remember one of the best power cords that I used on it was the NBS Statement PC MK1, they occasionally pop around here at Agon for around $600. 
Opinions on the Electrocompaniet ECM1 MK2
I have an EMC 1 which had been upgraded to 24/192 at Sanctuary of Sound and I was impressed with it, I never though it would sounded any better before the upgrade but it just just blew me away like the first time I had the unit.One thing though I ... 
Back with some more cables
Hi Tekunda, I was wondering if you have tried the Audio Note ANVz interconnects yet, it's one of those cables that just "sounds right" to me at least.keep us posted 
good silver IC's to audition?
I would suggest the Audio Note ANVz. I've owned quite a few including the AZ Silver Ref., Siltech SQ88 G3, and AQ Diamond to name a few and the Audio Note won hands down at least in my ear and my system. Their's a certain musicality and rightness ... 
Best Cd Player For Around 3000
I second Bwhite with the EMC-1 24/192, search this forum and you'll know what were talking about. The player seems to do everything right. Happy Hunting. 
Your Advice on a good HT receiver
"I want to have good 2 chanel amplification" Buy a descent receiver, ie Denon 3802 and then buy a seperate (used)2 channel amp and use the preout on the Denon for your fronts. 
Dynaudio 1.3mkII Vs Proac 1SC
I agree with Flying, what amp are you going to use? beefy SS will be better of with the Dynaudio and the ProAC sounds awesome on tube gears. 
5 ch amp decision- opinions please
I have my 2 channel Stereo and Home theater seperated and I'm using a pair of the 3 channel amp Parasound HCA-2003A and it just makes my Monitor Audio Silver Series Speakers Sing.Like you I'm also using the B&K ref 30 for processing.If I'm to ... 
HT Speakers... nice sound for good price ?
Monitor Audio Silver Series, 9i,4i,12i.Can't be beat in it's price range andLooks great to boot. 
B&K Ref 30 or Anthem AV2
http://audiogo5.iserver.net/cgi-bin/fr.pl?bhome&992999972this might help 
Best amp for Thiel 3.6 speakers?
I believe the Thiels need a high current Class A amp to open up. I tried a bunch of different amps on mine, Parasound 3500 which put up 350? watts I think per channel and I was never happy, I also tried Bryston 4BSt and never quite contented, Krel...