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MC-1 or Ref 30
Pick up the December issue of Sound and Vision and their's a review of the Lexicon MC1,B&K ref 30 and Meridian 561. It should give you a good idea on what this particular pre/pros perform. I have a B&K ref 30 myself and pretty happy with i... 
Sony DVD 7700 or Sony 9000es?
I agree with Argent the Sony S9000ES is better than the 7700 almost anyway you look at it.The two big advantages of the S9000ES are Progressive Scanning and SACD. It is a generation ahead of the 7700.Enough said. 
Best 20A IEC power cord
FIM Gold PC can be ordered with a 20 amp IEC as well, one of the most dynamic PC's I've heard on my Krell amp. 
Need advice for a front end
I saw an Electrocompaniet EMC 1 on auction for $2200 the other day, if you can swing the extra $200 I'm sure you'll be happy with it. Not to offend anybody but the EMC 1 beat both the Meridian and the Cary in my ears.Search the forums and you'll s... 
Nordost Valhalla vs. Acoustic Zen
Like Ejlif I found the quattro fil to be a bit on the sterile side and found the AZ Reference to better it in a some areas specially the bottom end. The AZ reference cables are really one of the best cables in it's price range in my opinion,does w... 
Timbrel Accuracy
LOL, that's really funny.Seriously my vote goes to the Thor TA-1000. 
"Fast sounding tube amp" with plenty of power? any?
Thanks a lot for all the input guys, much appreciated. 
KS-1030 lacks bass - Any suggestions?
" Any suggestions for a cable that will be ultra clear at the high end and give me additional bass extension?"try the NBS monitor series. 
IC suggestions between Linn Ikemi CDP and Plinius 8150
I used to have a similar setup, except that my CDP before was the Genki. I had success using the Linn Silver IC's and the HT prosilway MKII's , but now I would recommend Acoustic Zen Silver reference, maybe $100 above your price range (used) but I... 
B K Reference 30 Audio/Video Preamp
I bought my B&K reference 30 about a month ago and I'm pretty happy with it.Before that I listened to quite a few pre/pros in it's price range including the parasound 2500u. My decision came down to choosing between the Anthem AVM2 and the ref... 
ultimate interconnect recommendations
Ultimate IC?I would go with the Siltech SQ-88 G3 for the highs and NBS Monitor 0 for the base. You can buy a used car for the retail value of these IC's but you said ultimate so here you go. 
what is the new AQ equivalent of diamond x 3?
I believe the equivalent of the Diamond X3 is the AQ Amazon as these are both silver and Amazon is the new top of the line IC from AQ. I used to own both and performance wise the Amazon trounces the Diamond bigtime in my system then and felt it wa... 
Sonic Frontiers Line 2SE
I replaced my KRC 3 with an SF line 2SE and I consider it an upgrade as the Line 2SE got me closer to what I wanted to hear on my system. The neutrality and quietness of this preamp is just astonishing.I'm using it with an EMC 1 CDP,Krell FPB 200 ... 
Sellers that don't respond
Same thing can be said on buyers that don't respond after inquiring. I've had a lot of emails that ask if you would sell at a certain price then you agree and you don't hear from them again.Just my two cents. 
Please help me choose CD isolation
Mapleshade Tripple Points will give you the tough more detail that your looking for, and they look great to boot.