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Try a sub a third in the back
Earl Geddes and Floyd Toole both contend that three asymmetrically located subs will provide the best bass response. Glad to hear you've agreed.  
Share albums where EVERY SINGLE song is good
The newer live Steely Dan, "Northeast Corridor".  A fresh take on old favorites, rare for Steely Dan.  
Can't find used pricing on Rythmik Direct Servo F12 Subwoofer anywhere
Hi Seller, Did you ever sell the F12's? Robbie  
Bill Legall-MillerSound speaker driver repair
Last December I had an Eton 7-380-32HEXy mid driver from a Legacy Audio Signature III fail.  Long out of production now and with no parts still available, everyone I spoke to told me find as close a replacement as I could as repairing it wasn't po... 
Seeking arm suggestions for a Grace F9R
I did speak to Peter at SS.  He said his OCL/Ruby F9 stylus has a compliance of 25 x 10-6cm/Dyne measured @ 10 Hz.  As Lewm suggested, I've forgotten about it and am just enjoying my LP's.Thanks for all the comments everyone. 
Seeking arm suggestions for a Grace F9R
Sorry for mis-spelling your name LewM, it was a typing error. Soundsmith did not provide a compliance figure. When I said 10, I was just picking the middle of the 8-12 desired range, not necessarily hoping to find a combo to get to it specifically... 
Seeking arm suggestions for a Grace F9R
Thanks for all the responses everyone.  To answer all your questions: I'll look into the Magnepan Untrac rodman, thanks for the suggestion.  Yogiboy, I am using as light a headshell as I have at just under 7 gr., the stock Lustre is 11gr. I bought...