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When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Jlambrick. Digital is clearly inferior at this point. Anyone who doesn't see that has never actually had a well set up TT, or is burrying their head in the sand. But of course it's all subjective for those that want it to be. 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Rosstaman, If only it was that simple Rosstaman. World politics is much more complex than your binary thinking. I'm sure when he leaves office in a few years the world will magically become a better place. Oh by the way Congress, both Clinton's, m... 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Yes. Philnyc. I listen to his recording in my car and agree that Robert Johnson has the soul thing down no matter what you listen to him on. 
It's not an active unit (no on off switch), but I bought it and feel I won't ever need anything more expensive. Chang Lightspeed CLS6400 
Can the Sennheiser HD650 do BIG SCALE classical???
Goatwuss, I agree with swampwalker about the fact that they reveal what is in your system warts and all, but I did see some discussion about people having success with budget amps at headfi. 
When is digital going to get the soul of music?
Well the best argument I can think of is the fact that analog is still around. It's inconvenient, you need more components. You have to search hard for records without scratches, there's too much to go into just to get things right. CD you pop the... 
Noob question - Stereophile "Class" rating
C5150, I would turn that around Paris Hilton is a shell of a woman = F, you my friend are at least a B+. If Stereophile reviewed more equipment then it would have crediblity, but since it only reviews it's favorites every year and ignores others t... 
Is SACD dead?
This SACD dead post pops up about every other week. Check the archives. It's not dead because I can still buy SACDs at several different stores (not on the discontinued rack either) and we are still talking about it. So, it's very much alive. The ... 
Should a CDP be left on 24/7 or shut off & on?
Wow C5150 that was... really useless and not related to anything. You really are 5150 aren't you ;) I enjoy your posts though. 
I'm hearing things
I've noticed it also on a few LP's (can you tell I like Goodwill?) - I've always wondered what it was. I figured it was using the same tape to record over and over until they get it right. Thanks! 
Can the Sennheiser HD650 do BIG SCALE classical???
That's true Goatwuss. I would rule out Grado simply for the lack of soundstage as well. By no means was I recommending them over the Senns for symphony recordings. You can use the amp you have now if you are willing to swap out the connections on ... 
Can the Sennheiser HD650 do BIG SCALE classical???
You might look for a solid state amp at headroom or something like that, but I think it is the Senns. Those headphones are neutral and decent, but not very dynamic or frankly exciting. They caused me to go to Grado headphones where it's all musica... 
Should a CDP be left on 24/7 or shut off & on?
lol baroque_lover - maybe some people have a hard time finding out what to do with their money, so they solve that by leaving tubes on all the time and replacing them more often. That does make sense now. 
EQ's... why doesnt everybody have one?
The difference with the Parc is the fact that it uses high end components inside that are less likely to degrade the sound. A $200-300 EQ is like running your hifi gear through a clock radio. Your system is only as strong as it's weakest link. It ... 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
I don't know but I'll tell you that the VR11's that lakefrontroad has will come pretty darn close to live (maybe as close as you're gonna get). Anyway, it's really silly to argue or get a little brawl going over such a vague and personal thing as ...