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What song best sums up the previous year?
lol viridian - Waltersalas was your song "Cry Me A River"? 
Who's Your Favorite Bass Players; Why?
I wish everyone described things like you Rockadanny. It helps me understand. lol 
Can the Sennheiser HD650 do BIG SCALE classical???
I'm suprised. Are you using the OTL jack or the transformer jack?I have the MG head and Senn 600's and they do large scale music fine. The Senns can't compare with my AKG K1000 with ASL AQ1001DT for large scale classical music and for that matter ... 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
"The goal of audio electronics and transducers is to sound as life-like as possible but this is not at all the same as "live"."What music isn't recorded live? How else can you record an instrument if it isn't a live person recording it? C5150 - th... 
EQ's... why doesnt everybody have one?
The degredation in sound of a signal going through a $200 component should cancel any of the benefits of a high end system right? The Parc is an exception since the electronic signal is going through high end internal components and shouldn't lose... 
What song best sums up the previous year?
Well said Tomryan! Colitas, Martin Luther King Jr. was a very good man who moved civil right farther than along than imagined, and Vietnam was a war we lost because we didn't want to overstep our bounds and engage with the Soviet Union. What eithe... 
Should a CDP be left on 24/7 or shut off & on?
Some of you guys leave tubes on 24/7? What is the logic in that? Tubes only take about 30-45 minutes to warm up. 
Best value in integrated amps at a moderate price?
I'm very happy with ASL AQ1001DT 50wpc (30wpc in triode). 
Is live reproduction the goal of audio?
Aida I think said it best High End is the best (or closest) way to listen to music outside of a live performance. In other word, it's the next best thing. How you perceive that is up to you since you are the one listening to your system the most. ... 
Should a CDP be left on 24/7 or shut off & on?
If it doesn't have tubes in the output, leave it on all the time. 
Please help me choose a new cart, advice needed
I agree with Ncarv. 
What headphone amp to buy-Sennheiser HD 600?
Bill, I kept the 600's because I wouldn't be able to get much (maybe $150) for them used. And I also kept my Grado RS-1s. The K1000 is the ultimate, but until I get a dedicated amp I need to switch the connection and disconnect my speakers each ti... 
Whither Blu-Ray and HD-DVD?
No it's MP4.1b that will be the holy grail. 
Sennheiser Recommendations?
go for the 600. It is like $150 used and good very close to the top of the line 650. I have it and don't have enough justification to upgrade. It's not my favorite headphone but I like it enough to keep it. 
Is 9'x11' too small?
I would second a good set of monitors, or maybe the smaller Totem models. It can difinately be done, but placement will be more important and room treatment will most likely be necessary - which is a good thing. My old room was 11x12 and I was abl...